If the problem is businesses hiring illegals, then why are Americans still using these business services?

If the government won't uphold the law with these businesses, and Americans know these companies are either hiring, or operating as an illegal business. It is the American people that support these businesses, and the illegals that they hire. And it is the Americans that are going to have to stop using these to stop the companies from hiring illegals. I am an American, and I hate to admit to myself that I have also supported these criminals, so I made a choice not to. I no longer buy any products from Mexico, who has the largerst amount of offenders in my country. There is nothing racist about that fact, either. My entire family is doing the same, and my mom now pays me to mow the yard, and I can always use a little more gas money. My sister now pays my other sister to babysit her kids. There is always someone in your family that can use a couple extra bucks, stop giving it to an illegal, and give it to them.


My mother just paid our neighbor to clean out our storage. It is not as hard as many think to find an American willing to earn a few extra bucks. This is my opinion on the question

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    Every person for illegal immigration should be forced to compensate these innocent people who have had their social security numbers and identities stolen by these illegals who invade our country with no care who they hurt. They should have to not only compensate the money lost from their social security accounts after they are zeroed out once the fraud is detected, but every last cent the victims had to pay taking time off work, every cent that went into photocopying documentation, every cent that went towards lawyers and gas driving somewhere to get this mess taken care of, and any other financial expenditure the victim had to cough up. They should also be forced to compensate the victims for the emotional hardships endured. They should have to compensate for the money and time spent trying to straighten out their credit ratings after these illegals have ruined them. They should be forced to compensate these victims for every single hardship related to what these illegals have inflicted upon these people. Currently, the system does not provide any compensation at all and a lot of people are never restored to previctimization status. Oh but these pro-illegals claim that illegal immigration is a victimless crime that hurts no one and that we are whining when we complain.

    'Total purgatory' for taxpayers

    Frustration can mount for victims of this kind of fraud. Eventually, the government agencies involved do catch up with the legitimate consumers; but often, not until they are looking for money. Victims can have trouble getting disability or unemployment benefits. The government doesn’t try to alert victims of their victimizations, they usually find out by chance when they’ve been victimized further.

    Other victims find the Internal Revenue Service on their backs, looking for payment of back taxes for wages earned by their imposters. Some see refunds held up by the confusion; others see their wages garnished.

    Victims find themselves in a financial nightmare. All those imitators make a mess out of their work histories, Social Security benefits records and credit reports. Victims are haunted by bills and creditors. Victims receive threatening letters from the IRS, asking to pay taxes on money earned by these illegal Mexican colonizers. Victims are told to re-pay unemployment benefits they had received, after the government discovers they were "working" while drawing benefits when it was really these illegal Mexican invaders all along.


    You think these illegals care that they are hurting innocent lives? Their loyalty is to Mexico. They proved that during one of the first rallies when they took down the American flag, hung up the Mexican flag, and then hung the American flag upside down underneath it. THAT is how they feel about America.


    Then the people who want to appease them pull out the excuses about how people who are not even alive now, and haven't been for hundreds of years, 'stole' the land from the American Indians. Even American politicians are carrying out this traitorous attack on our sovereignty! If this keeps up, the United States of America will become a 3rd world country, just like Mexico! Mexico's problems are not the fault of Americans, but they are becoming our problems because the Mexicans are invading us and bringing their problems with them.

    The illegals make up about 5 % of the work force. The unemployment rate is about 4.5%. Keep in mind that the unemployment rate does NOT represent everyone who is unemployed. It only counts those who are collecting unemployment. Everyone else's plight is ignored. The unemployment rate if everyone was counted would be tremendous. We do NOT have a shortage of labor, we have a large surplus. The more illegals that come in and take our jobs at minimum wage or less (often less) puts more and more Americans out of a job. Most of these Americans are never counted in the unemployment rate if they do not manage to get unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are hard to receive.

    Illegals draw welfare by stealing people's social security numbers and identities. That means there are a lot of people being directly hurt by these people as well. Innocent people are having their credit ratings ruined, having IRS problems, and social security problems. If someone who has had their social security number stolen gets married, if either spouse dies or become disabled then they can be denied their benefits.

    The illegals get welfare by stealing social security numbers and identities and using false papers. Therefore, the time limits under the Clinton welfare reform doesn't apply to them because once the time limit is up, all they have to do is get new stolen social security numbers and identities and false papers and start all over again. American citizens who draw welfare are limited to the time limits from the welfare reform and are then cut off. American citizens who fall on hard times and have to turn to welfare assistance have a harder time finding jobs that pay enough to live off of because the illegals have taken jobs and depressed the wages of those jobs still available to American citizens. Therefore, those in the lower working class are highly unlikely to ever be able to "work their way up" since the opportunities have been stolen which will entrap these people into poverty with little to no way out.

    My family moved to the US before WWII. Those of my family that didn't make it over got killed by the death camps. Our family assimilated to the American culture. We didn't expect the Americans to change to suit us. The illegal immigrants from Mexico are not civilized like that.

    They not only changed the National Anthem to Spanish, they changed the words. They already burn our flag and hang our flag upside down. They waved the Mexican flag during a lot of their protests. Some schools have stopped hanging the American flag and forbidden students from wearing clothes with any part of the American flag on their clothing all to keep from offending the Mexicans. It's nothing short of an attack of our country, not only by the illegal aliens, but those who seek to appease them.

    I am tired of the stereotype that Americans wouldn't do the work that illegals do. Illegals do all kinds of jobs for less than minimum wage which drives the wages down for U.S. citizens. Construction jobs are an example. There are lots of illegals doing construction jobs that Americans used to do because the companies can keep more of the profits if they pay less for the workers. All that does is make companies wealthier and Americans poorer. Illegals are stealing jobs that Americans have done for years.

    "Mexico is waging war on the U.S. through mass immigration illegal and legal, through the assertion of Mexican national claims over the U.S., and through the subversion of its laws and sovereignty, all having the common end of bringing the southwestern part of the U.S. under the control of the expanding Mexican nation, and of increasing Mexico’s political and cultural influence over the U.S. as a whole.

    Cultural imperialism

    We experience Mexico’s assault on our country incrementally—as a series of mini-crises, each of which calls forth ever-renewed debates and perhaps some tiny change of policy. Because it has been with us so long and has become part of the cultural and political air we breathe, it is hard for us to see the deep logic behind our “immigration problem.” Focused as we are on border incursions, border enforcement, illegal alien crime, guest worker proposals, changes of government in Mexico City, and other such transient problems and events—all of them framed by the media’s obfuscation of whether or not illegal immigration’s costs outweigh its benefits and by the maudlin script of “immigrant rights”—we don’t get the Big Picture: that the Mexican government is promoting and carrying out an attack on the United States.

    Another reason we miss what’s happening is that our focus is on the immigrants as individuals. Thus our leaders talk about illegal immigrants as “good dads,” “hard working folks” seeking to better their lives and their family’s prospects. In fact, this is not about individual immigrants and their families, legal or illegal. It is about a great national migration, a nation of people moving into our nation’s land, in order to reproduce on it their own nation and people and push ours aside.

    Thus, in orchestrating this war on America, the Mexican state is representing the desires of the Mexican people as a whole.

    What are these desires?

    (1) Political revanchism—to regain control of the territories Mexico lost to the U.S. in 1848, thus avenging themselves for the humiliations they feel they have suffered at our hands for the last century and a half;

    (2) Cultural imperialism—to expand the Mexican culture and the Spanish language into North America; and especially

    (3) Economic parasitism—to maintain and increase the flow of billions of dollars that Mexicans in the U.S. send back to their relatives at home every year, a major factor keeping the chronically troubled Mexican economy afloat and the corrupt Mexican political system cocooned in its status quo. "


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  • 1 decade ago

    The answer to this question has two facets: basic economics and the American mindset.

    First, on the American mindset. Americans seem to have the impression that they "deserve" things. Joe the factory worker in Texas genuinely feels that he deserves $18.50 an hour and free healthcare and a union break every 2 hours. Conversely, Jose the immigrant factory worker is content with $5 an hour and working a 14-hour day.

    Given this, and following our high school economics teachings, who would you hire to work in your factory...and be honest. When you think about numbers like these on a grand scale, it only makes sense that any businessman would hire immigrant workers. It is cheaper to pay 1/3 wages and get more work out of your employees even when you have to pay government fines every month.

    If the government comes down too hard on "big business" that employs immigrant workers, all that will happen is that Uncle Moneybags will close the factory in Texas and open one in China.

    Keep in mind that illegal immigrants still contribute (financially) to American society. They have to buy food somewhere, they don't smuggle it in from Mexico with them. They need a place to sleep while they are stealing your job. They pay for all these things, and that money goes back into the American economy.

    Not to mention that everyone who has been chiming in on this issue is a hypocrite. Unless your great-great-grandparents were forced to walk the Trail of Tears, you are only an American because we let immigrants come here. So get off your high horse and save some money by paying the Mexican guy to mow your lawn.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Businesses that knowingly hire illegals usually don't hang a big shingle out in front of the store to announce it. It's that whole 'illegal' part, and more businesses need to be on-the-ball with reviewing their job applications and their employees, too. If you're in the United States working illegally, holding fake ID, then you need to get 'right' or get OUT. In some cases, there is no 'right', so they'll be hiding on purpose, lying to their employers, and so forth. I think there's always been cat-and-mouse between illegals and law enforcement, I think what would give the whole thing a Big Boost is to start enlisting the help of those who've LEGALLY emigrated recently, they might be able to best help in some ways.

    But, the BIGGEST HELP of all is if they didn't get into the United States. In Mexico's case, that means a border fence. In the case of other countries, enforcement starts...well, where DO you start? I guess by looking at the reasons they're in our country in the first place, school, work, benefits, etc., and make sure there's supplemental safeguards in place to ensure that people in/or that come to our country are doing so lawfully. Citizens can really help on this one, hotlines could probably do a lot...

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  • 4 years ago

    It would be a tremendous help. Jobs in the USA attract both illegal and legal workers. If employers were punished for hiring aliens who did not have authorization to work in the U.S., there would no longer be the attraction that brings them here. We have laws on the books right now (since 1986) that are designed to go after companies that hire illegal aliens. All the government lacks is the willingness to enforce those laws.

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  • sassyk
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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you 100%

    I do not need illegals.

    I clean my own house.

    I do my own yardwork.

    I grow my own vegetables.

    If I had to pay a higher price for fruit, I would rather do that because it is cheaper that what comes out of my pay check to support criminals. If I knew which companies hired illegals for sure, I would not use them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The oppressed are not mobilized. Hurray to the oppressors! j/k

    No seriously the whole composition of society is to benefit the affluent bourgeoisie. They will are st the people who cross the border to work. But not arrest the ones who utilizes this illegal work. Seems obvious to me

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  • 1 decade ago

    i clean my own house ,i mow my own yard , if i do have to hire someone i check them out first . i watch what i buy and i don't eat out to often and try my best to check it out . and illegals are costing us more than they contribute and prices will not soar there will still be legals and us so the panic hype i am not buying !

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cause we love 99c a pound apples and 1.49 a pound peaches in our supermarkets. If you had to pay $5 for American-collected pound of apples, that would probably suck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    So you think everyone ought to go into "USA" businesses and ask for their credentials?

    So what if your entire family is doing it. You think your boycott tactics are going to make a dent? Wake up. Hell, come over and do my lawn!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Guess who clean the bank office,who work in the chicken factory for kFC, McD,Wendys,who pack the turkeys,who is in WMart,and who, and who, and who, dream man, only dream, MONEY is MONEY, no one can stop the big companies.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    answermonkey- Spoken like a person truly ignorant of economics....

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