why do i have to miss him so much?

My heart is broken again after 3 years now hes gone from my life. I mean this has happened several times before that we broke up for weeks and got back but is this really the end? Its sad because no one knows including myself and it upsets me even more I mean if i knew that we would be back together it would be so much better but this time feels for real and it scares the $hit out of me with him out of my life and all these other problems im going thru I feel like im gonna lose it. Its like i ask myself am i ever gonna get a break? in terms of being hurt

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    it seems like you have broken up a few times in the relationship. the record here is not good. it's important to learn to let go of this relationship. both of you have tried many times to make it work but the same thing happens in the end.

    it also sounds like you have other issues you have to deal with. having him around, especially when the relationship doesn't work, won't help you. you need to be independent of this relationship and work on taking care of you. i tell you, in your lifetime, you were meant to be with more than one person.

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    First and foremost: ask yourself this question:

    "what did he do for me that I cannot do for myself?" And is it love, or is it just the fact that you and him were together for 3 years that makes you feel empty? See, we do get used to other people in our lives--and forget to appreciate them and their presence in our lives.

    Secondly, this is a situation which you cannot control. You can only control what you do, and you can either be negative about it--and be scared, or positive, meaning you will move on with your life, make new friends, go out, etc. There really is nothing to be scared about. It appears that he made the decision to leave you. Take the time to understand what happened, why he kept on going back and forth(leaving, coming back), and try to understand how you contributet to this situation. It makes all of this more bearable too. Plus, you are making something positive out of a negative event, because next time around you won't repeat the same mistakes. There is absolutely nothing to be scared of. Good Luck

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    You will stop getting hurt when you can stop hanging all your hopes, dreams, and happiness on some jackass you dated. If you can't make a relationship work with someone there is usally a reason for it. You are responsible for your own happiness. Not him, or anyone else. Wake up and take control of your own life adn stop being a puppet.

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    Well you miss him so much because if you guys have been together off and on then you started getting used to him being around you and no that he is gone well you feel bare and empty. maybe you're getting a sign that he's not the guy and you haven't found the right guy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    good luck it is hard to get through a broken heart manly when it has happened several times in the past but time helps and it will get better it takes a while

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    what is it that hurts you ? letting go?. Learning to let go is part of life and maybe the only one that is hurting you is your own self. I dont really know what you are talking about but this i tell you .. you have control of your emotions and what you do . My advice to you is to find what is it that hurts you the most and try to deal with it.

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    its all part of game called life ...we never get the thg or person we love most ...its very well said if you love someone set him free if he comes back he is yours if he doesnt he waz never... we should never leave hopes in our life coz hope is what helps us to live...and c u will never loose a thing wcich is not yours rt. so live for yourself band make such a situation that he is forced to come to you by himself lots of luck..

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    I wish I knew what to say. Let yourself have a big cry and then try to find something fun or meaningful to distract you.

  • micho
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    1 decade ago

    u r very sensitive girl

    sorry sweety

  • 1 decade ago

    i think u r in LOVE

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