I have a question regarding security gates and remote controls and gargage remote controls?

I have a remote control that opened a garage, but I don't use it anymore, since I got a new machine for my garage. But there is a front gate in my neighborhood, and I want another remote control w/o having to buy a new one. I was wondering, does anyone know how to program the remote control for the garage, to open the the security gate? I think it can be done. Do I have to open the gate with my original control, while pushing the button on my garage control gate or something?

I don't know if it relates, but I was able to do it on my mercedes, since my car has three buttons designed to open garages or gates, and I was able to program one of the buttons to open the gate, but I don't know if I can use my garage control, and use it to open the gate.

Please help!! I really need another controller.

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    Your mercedes can do it because it reads the code for your gates (ours does). But depending on the brand or remote control you have and how old it is, will depend on whether you can program it. We had to open ours up, inside you will find the pre-set code to whatever it was opening before (i.e. the garage). Then you must know the security code to whatever it is you want to re-set it to. On ours there are little tiny switches that you can manipulate to set the new numbers. Our mercedes can open 3 devices, too, but the remotes that come with most garage door openers can only open one. (unless both the gate and garage door are programed to the same code, which could be a security nightmare). The good news is that unless it is incompatible with the gate system, you can reprogram it.

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    The transmitter on a garage door has a reset board that allows the user to program alternate remotes. Find the reset board on the security gate and follow the instructions in the owners manual.

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