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When my dog gets excited, he pees all over the place. Does anyone know why this is, and how to stop it?

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    It is called submissive urination. It is the dogs way of letting you know he is happy to see you and that he poses no threat. They usually will roll over and expose their belly at the same time.

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  • Your dog is a submisive pee-er. Your dog is showing you that he means no harm by peeing infront of you. A submisive dog in the wild, when approched by the pack leader and feels threatened, will turn over onto their side or back to expose their belly. They will also release urine. This is done to act as small and weak as possible to the leader to signal that they mean no harm and are not questioning the leader. The turning over is to become smaller, this is usually accompanied by small whimpers and urine. This is what an adult dog will do to seem small and insignificant just like a puppy. Because a puppy usually has a hard time controlling their bladder the urine release is used to show the leader: "Look I am small and I can't hold my bladder, just like a pup, so please don't hurt me." The peeing done by your dog is a compliment. To stop the peeing, ignore your dog when you come home or enter a room when your dog gets excited. Do not look or talk to your dog until they calm down. Once he is calm you can call him over to you. Just remember not to get him too excited. If he looks like he is going to pee again, walk away and ignore him until he calms down again.

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    I have a female yorkie who does the same thing. What i do is when i get home i let her out of her crate and just go straight outside. I don't say anything to her or look at her. When we get outside i talk to her and pet her and let her get her piddling over with. Then she stays outside for about 30 minutes by herself before she is let in again. I haven't been able to get her to stop but this way i don't have to clean up a mess every time i come home.

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    It's a submissive behavior. My dog outgrew it-yours might too. With my dog at least it was only upon initial greeting of strangers that she would do it. If it's the same with your dog, I would let him out to go to the bathroom before you have guests over or have them greet him outside in the yard.

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    Well, I can assume this is a guy dog, because, often, males do this alot. In order to train him, whenever he gets excited, carry him outside and let him do his business. He will soon get the idea.

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    My cocker spaniel does this too. I take him straight outside so he knows where to go. When we get company, we take him outside to meet them so he does his business. He's actually only had one accident in the past 3 months! My first cocker never out grew it.

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