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if u smell a person with b.o., do u let them know?

like, "hey buddy, wanna put ur arm down?"


allow me to rephrase, i have no problem telling some1 i know if they stink... i'm talkin about, ur waitn in line, and omg it's so bad ur turnin green and u can't even laugh about it.

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    i was at the gym and some guy got on a treadmill next to me and as soon as he worked up a bit of a sweat he started to absolutely stink the place up... must have been old sweat that got reenergized by the new sweat... OMG, I started to gag and had to hold a towel to my face as I ran... he got off the treadmill after a few minutes and was gone by the time I was done or I would have said something...

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    I believe that i would just make a basic comment outloud and not make it to any certain person but it will be heard by all, unless they are deaf but..... "what is the horrible odor"? If they know they stink Im sure they will understand its for them.

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    It is summertime, b.o. is bound to happen, and NO, it would not be polite to tell them they smell bad. As someone already said, they may beat the crap out of you if you said it the wrong way, so better to mind your own business...and be safe.

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    If you don't know them, it might be dangerous to tell them that they stink.

    If you can get out of line until they are gone or get in another one, I would do that. There's no sense in punishing yourself because someone else has a problem.

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    I think not, some people may not like to use products that have a bunch on chemicals in it. or maybe they just forgot to use it that day, and telling them would really make them embarrassed....

    Unless you know the person, then yes, tell them ASAP! and offer a spay of yours

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    buy the person a bottle of bath gel and tell him or her that it is your favorite and want him or her to enjoy it also. If that doesn't open eyes, tell him to take a bath because he stinks.

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    Well if its somebody u dont know then i wud just endure the pain. U can tell him if u want to, but theres no telling what he might say and/or do!!

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    You want to come to my pool party tonight dump a box of soap and start scrubbing em!!

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    Not like that but take them into a private room and tell them that they should use deodorant or perfume

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    I would secretly tell them in a nice way. ALso depends on if I know.

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