what is the new huge airbus that is being built ? it is the 878 I think?

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    You are asking about the new A 380 airbus. Wonderful aircraft except the company took huge deposits and promised firm commit dates but could not produce on time. This has caused alot of airlines to be be quite screwed in a tight and very demanding market. In essence, they are pissed beyond belief and a few CEOs are looking for a job. However Boeing is quite happy... **** happens..

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    That would be the Airbus A380. It was supposed to be flown for the first commercial flight end of 2006 by Singapore Airlines. However, delays in the process pushed it further away, probably not until 2007 now.

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    Airbus A 380, we're (Singapore Airlines) supposed to be getting our first 1 in December, or at least that's the latest promise we have from Airbus.

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    certain, larger airplanes ought to correctly be outfitted; although at that length, some transformations opt to be made. for instance, the carry of an plane is a function of the wing section, which will develop as a function of the sq. of the replace in length (for instance, and airplane 25 m lengthy may have a million/4 the wing element of an exact reproduction of that airplane outfitted at two times the dimensions, i.e. 50 m lengthy). yet many times, the mass of an airplane will boost as a function of the dice of the dimensions; so a larger airplane needs a proportionally larger wing. Very large airplane ought to opt to come across different configuration than the classic cylindrical fuselage with wings in the middle and tail in the rear; like span loader or flying wing. also, one has to consider the reasonable charm of a lot larger planes. A flying wing may have truly no homestead windows; may passenger settle for this? a special configuration airplane ought to require transformations in airport infrastructure, already some transformations were required to homestead the A380, and those should be fairly severe priced. may this cut back the marketplace charm in spite of extra useful gas utilization? So, certain, it ought to correctly be executed; yet perchance the international isn't waiting for it yet.

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    It's an Airbus A380. it's so darn huge! i think it could eat my house and i wouldn't even know.

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    I think it's kinda funny how it blew up in their face. They try to make this huge airliner, then Boeing comes out with their 787 Dreamliner

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    I think your talking about the A380 !!

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