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an event the the usa that brought about resurgence of the right wing extremism?

I am trying to complete an assignment and i need to find out answers to the above question

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    I don't believe any of the people that have answered this question know what extremism is. IF you did you would know that George W. Bush is anything but a right wing extremist. He is more of a moderate conservative than anything.

    He has betrayed the core of the Republicans on illegal immigration reform, social security reform, he has never vetoed one item of Congress...that doesn't sound too extreme.

    Did he take us to war, yes, but only after we were attacked...9/11/2001. did he take us into war in Iraq? yes, and I believe that was a wrong war...and we shouldn't be there but if he was an extreme right winger we wouldn't be pussy footing around in there...we'd be going Truman on there asses. "Shock and Awe" really would have been shock and awe.

    Extreme Right Winger certainly would not be pushing for a Democratic Iraq.

    Oh,.and you think that because of the Patriot Act and the recent phone tapping incidents that suddenly we are becoming "Fascists." YOu know nothing about fascism...Mussolini...HItler, they were fascists. The united States under George W. Bush is not even remotely similiar to Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy.

    Although you probably like to say Bush is a Nazi, truth is, George W. Bush isn't smart enough to circumvent our system and impose fascism in this country.

    Do your homework before you start tossing around stupid platitudes.

    have a good day

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    Easy - the educational system in the United States has crumbled since the Ray Gun Administration. As the educational system has degraded, the number of semi-literate morons has increased and no one loves morons more than Christian fundamentalists, who help keep the masses under control for their partners in the Republican Party. More stupid people, more fundies, more conservatives, the further to the right the country crawls. Electing Bush president twice pretty much demonstrates that half the population of the United States is composed of drooling, semi-literate, knuckle dragging morons. Stats back this up, by the way. Statistics show that conservatives tend to be poorly educated and retarded, whereas liberals are better educated and smarter.

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    Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Republican response was Barry Goldwater and the birth of the modern conservative movement.

    The 60's saw the Republicans shift to a "Southern Strategy" that sought to win over southern Democrats that were furious at passage of the Civil Rights Acts (1964 & 1968) and the Voting Rights Act (1965). Republicans have had decades of success using this strategy.

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    A biased question probably asked by typical left leaning teachers.

    Most news is left wing,many of our laws are forcedon us by the left.

    And 9/11 was the fault of terrorists who hate all Americans,not conservatives.

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    I would have to agree, without bashing, that the presence of right wing extremism of late is a result of lack of education. Knowledge makes one less rigid in ones thinking. And rigidity is a hallmark of the right wing

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    What about left wing extremism? It's a very interesting topic.

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    As I responded to this issue elsewhere: it is called "solidarity" liberal style and it is an similar partisan political garbage pulled by technique of Hitler, and by technique of many others who strove for dictatorial administration over countries and feared those they were there to serve. a million.) i'm a "born back" Bible believing Christian who completely accepts and recognizes each and each and every of the prophecies from the Bible. 2.) i'm a Veteran of the defense force and a retired police officer, completely experienced interior using a form of firearms. 3.) i'm heavily worried about unlawful immigration (invasion of our usa) and my call seems on the roster of the Minutemen Civil protection Corp. 4.) i'm heavily worried about the increasing skill the federal authorities "illegally" claims over us and entirely comprehend that the fellow states and their voters have the authority to regulate the feds, no longer any incorrect way round. i'd be attending a Tea celebration this afternoon and could maximum veritably be very vocal about it. 5.) i'm heavily worried about the proposed regulations on firearms, even in spite of the indisputable fact that, for extremely own causes, i have not owned a firearm in better than 10 years, because the 2d modification is ours to keep, no longer theirs to take. 6.) i'm heavily worried about abortion and believe the unconstitutional denial of the right to existence of our posterity ought to end today. 7.) i'm heavily worried about the turning in of U.S. sovereignty to overseas governments and courts because the warfare of Independence that my ancestors sacrificed their blood for became no longer fought so this authorities ought to throw our sovereignty away. those are all on the list of qualifiers for what they call "top Wing Extremists". So, if all this makes me (a grandmother and probably a quickly to be large grandmother) an enemy of "this authorities" then so be it. let them come back get me. I received't bow to them any better in detention center than I do sitting right here in my living house. ---- also: the undeniable reality that they had to bypass each and each and every of the before to Tim McVeigh to dig up what has been categorized a very violent "top wing extremist" act, and one which keeps to be no longer shown to be linked to any "top wing" crew is info that this isn't some thing yet political partisan crap meant to paint all conservatives as "extremists", and there is actual no reality to it. All they pick now is yet another authorities managed "attack" to blame us for and that i have little question that this administration is operating lengthy hours to plot purely that.

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    9-11 what better discreption of Bush and company than right wing extremist or maybe fashists .

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    Sounds like a biased question to me.

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