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Why does the FA say "Federal Aviation Regulations require that we inform you that the flt deck door is located at the front of the cabin, and no entry will be permitted at any time"? It's not like these words are going to stop a terrorist.

Also, Has anyone noticed the new procedure for if the pilot has to go to the bathroom? On US Air, I noticed the FA goes to the cockpit, and the other one "guards the door". when the pilot wants to come back, he has to use the phone and call into the cockpit to re-enter.


well obviously he didn't use his cell phone. I was referring to the airphone intercom w/ the "dings" (btw, 3 dings= an emergency)

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    I think it is, or at least was, really helpful. When the new doors came into use (and the regulations as well) it was, for the flying public, still a time of nervousness over the 9/11 attacks. Even though the actual odds mays be unbelievable against an attack happening on your flight, everyone was/is nervous (I remember talking to people in Missouri that were worried about their hometown coming under attack.. I mean cmon!). The doors and the announcement are meant to give a feeling of security to the passengers and is a show of (arguably ineffective) action by the federal govt, FAA, and airline industry. Also it's probably not a bad idea to make it clear to the occasional homegrown crazy it's pointless to try and attack the cockpit and it'd be better to be patient and wait until he gets back to his job at the post office.

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    He doesn't use his cellphone to reenter the cockpit. Cell phones don't work at altitude. There is an intercom system on the aircraft that the pilot can call the cockpit with and have it opened from inside.

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    Would you rather fly on the plane and have a sloppyness to how things are run. I think it's more of a show if anything.

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