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FINALLY, Portugal got what it deserved.?

A ref who didn't fall for their acting

(I replayed the three main incidents in which Portugese players called for a penalty/free kick, in all three the German player did not even touch the opponent)

Kahn played superb, Ricardo did not. If Germany had taken advantage of more freekicks, this would have been a 5:1 or 6:1.

Bye, bye, Portugal ! Yes, I'm bitter that a team of mediocre actors (with great soccer skills !) needed to be so unsportsmanlike in this World Cup and often got away with it. Both the Dutch and the English were cheated out of this WC by Portugal.



I'm not an "Englishman", I'm a German-Canadian. Never cheered for England in my life, until the Dutch (never cheered for them before either) were thrown out by headbutting Portugal.

DEUTSCHLAND played great today !

Update 2:

In case you didn't notice, EVERYBODY was booing Ronaldo, or do you believe there was a stadium full of English supporters in the France: Portugal and Germany : Portugal game ?

Update 3:

вaвyєє_pнaт : do you know how ridiculous your pseudo black English sounds ?

dflo_rinda: You seem to have a problem with English: I'm NOT English. Je suis Allemand, Ich bin Deutscher.

Update 4:

Ricardo did not save anything in this game. A great goalie would have had at least one of Schweinsteiger's goals.

axelrose222 : you sound like a child who points his fingers (But Billy did it too).

Update 5:

Boredstiff: I agree 100%. FIFA has to do something about the obvious acting. Perhaps a special videoref who monitors the game and (via headphones) only communicated with the ref if there is some extreme case.

As for the floppers, carry them off and don't let them back on for a set period of time.

Last rule change: NOBODY except for the captain is allowed to talk to the ref or make gestures towards the ref.

Update 6:

fifa575 : I agree with you. BUT, while Portugal didn't score many goals they are able to play beautifully. The passing game is great, the individual talent is great. They don't attempt enough shots on goal and they dive - those are the negative things.

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    I totally agree with you. My boyfriend's portuguese and even he couldn't stand the team and the way they played. I'm glad the refs caught on to their antics. I love karma. The sad thing about it is that Portugal has a lot of talent yet some of their players thought that they'd have to resort to diving and cheating in order to win. Hopefully they've learned their lesson and will be back without all the pathetic drama. Can you honestly say they were really all that good. I mean just look at the amount of actual goals that they scored. I counted 5 (not including penalty kicks). Maniche 2, Pauletta 1, Deco 1 and Gomes 1. Very unimpressive.

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    Are you stupid Ricardo Played Great those three German goals were unstoppable. Why don't you ***** about the Italians on how the screwed the Australians over in the first round, ya know one talk about that **** now do they, they pick on Portugal cause they. For **** sake stop making it sound like Portugal are the only team that takes dives every god damn team does so stop putting the blame on Portugal and shut the hell up and take the game for what it is for exciting and that dives are not it's part of the game and that is why People watch. I give my respect to the Germans they had there chances and took them. I am Portugal fan no matter what, and all the hater out there can keep hating cause Portugal s just going to get better and better with the young talent coming up then we will see who is complaining when euro comes along. so shut you hole and Enjoy the Finals with the Two team that don't Deserve to be where they are right now.

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    I only saw bits of the Holland vs Portugal match, but I saw the entire England vs Portugal match, from beginning to end, and trust me dude, the English weren't cheated out. It's Rooney's fault if they went down one man, and had to defend more than they could attack to score. Portugal were better at penalty kicks and they won.

    I'm an Italian fan and I don't have anything against Portugal. Actually, I think they have been bashed a little too much on Yahoo Answer. Who cares if Cristiano Ronaldo cries, the guy is very young, football is all his life and he puts heart and passion in it, so what's wrong if he cries when his team loses? It doesn't mean that he lacks sportsmanship. He may be sincerely sad and frustrated.

    Having said that, after Italy and Argentina, my favorite team on paper was England and I was rooting for them on that game. But Rooney showed less sportsmanship than Cristiano Ronaldo -- acting doesn't hurt as much as being stepped on the genitals. So, nope, England weren't cheated out at all.

    I agree with you, Kahn was superb. But Ricardo did play well. He made some good saves. Schweinsteiger (and the Portuguese defender) hit the ball well, and there was nothing he could do.

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    Go see a shrink. Portugal lost because Germany had better luck with their chances. England would have been totally humiliated by them. you should be thanking Portugal for avoiding your crappy team further humiliations...

    By the way: Ronaldo WAS tripped by a German defender in the box, but since you English managed to make him responsible for all your flaws, the ref waved play on. That's your little triumph in the WC: making the refs believe that crap about us being tricky.

    Now for the bad news: Ronaldo will still be around for many years. He is a great player, but he will improve. and I have a personal feeling he will make it his personal pleasure to kick the hell out of England every time he meets them...

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    1st of all, Portugal is one of the best teams out there. Yes, Germany did play great. Second, Ricardo is an awesome goalie thus we did NOT see a 5:1 or 6:1. Go Portugal!!!

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    Noticed the PR reply, the Mc Canns are distressed by this. So begins a new campaign to rubbish another detective. There are two choices here people. Either every detective in Portugal is an idiot or there is something in the evidence that keeps leading all these detectives back to the Mc canns. Now let me think which scenario I am going with. Geez that is a hard choice, isn`t it? Faith she can`t keep telling the truth because she and her husband refused to answer questions the first time they were interviewed. if she comes back with well thought out questions to those answers now, that is going to look very incriminating. If I asked all the blokes on here, ` Have you every looked at a naked lady site on the net?` If they don`t answer yes or no straight away, they are lying. To come back 5 minutes later with an answer tells me they are hiding something. it is the same with the Mc Canns.

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    What really pisses me off is the poor officiating through out the W.C. USA vs Italy, (goal scored by Italy not counted. Red cards for minor infractions). USA vs Ghana, (Ghana player flops in the box gets a the winning goal). Italy vs Australia, (15 seconds in overtime and they award the game winning penalty kick) Holland vs Portugal (record for yellows in a match). The England ref who awarded 3 yellows to the same player. It goes on and on. It is funny how you know certain teams fake the injury, get some magic water or magic spray, Christ they look like they were shot. 2 seconds later they are up and running like a champion race horse. FIFA needs to fix both. It takes away from the beauty of the game.Remember this is a man's game not some acting academy for Sissies!!!!!!!

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    No they didn't!!!

    Ricardo did some very good defenses!!!

    You're just a pitiful sore loser who can't be fair so don't write about fairness!!

    You don't know the meaning of the word!

    Mediocre is the English team for having you as their supporter.

    No matter the outcome of the Germany-Portugal match, Portugal won the Netherlands and England fair and square!!

    Still my winner!!

    P.S. - I'm not as some sore losers who change sides just because they haven't a winning team!


    Even worse!!

    You don't have a soccer team in the World Cup and just cheer for the 'powerful'!!

    Boo-oo to you!

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    Yeah I think the same! this is what they deserve as a team and not as a country! Maradona was well known by his handball goal in WC 1986 and Portugal's have presented themselves as team of mediocre actors of WC 2006 with Ronaldo being a captain in this area of expertise! Thank for the referee for being extremely carefully not to repeat mistakes that send home great teams like Hollands and Britons!

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    I agree. I was happy for Portugal to make it as far as they did, since it has been so long. But they have a nasty way of playing and they said they took the record for cards pulled in this WorldCup. I think that when a team plays like this there should be an option to disqualify them. So you could say Germany rocks and they gave Portugal what they deserved!!!

    Go Germany!!!

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    reading all your responce and etc makes me laugh. for me, i dont really care whether u're english or dutch or german or whatever. all i know is that your comment is rude and totally biased. and u're just intentionally trying to attract angry supporters by posting something like this. go party with the other germany supporters instead of being a pig here by dissing other teams. cuz if u understood football, u'd appreciate every team's way of playing and approaching a match, instead of passing lame judgments like the ones u just made. i really dont see your point, but congratz to germany for ending their wc on a high note. they played well, and the goals were great.

    despite all, portugal made me proud. i thought they did superb in this world cup. viva portugal!

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