Why is their a seperation of church and state?

Seriously, isn't it perfectly logical that we should teach our kids to worship a punishing god and study a book of lies and deceit. And, hopefully they will grow up to be good christians and blow up abortion clinics and hate anyone who is different from them and force their beliefs on others. I would love that. Because I want to see this world collapse before my eyes and watch the christians have to answer for sending the USA spiraling into poverty and eventually be taken over by the next superpower. That would be way fun!

And, have fun with the reports, you know as well as I do that they do no good.

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    There is a separation of church and state to help aid in the ending of the influence of the mass cult of christianyt in the us government. However without the bible thumpers the wonderful government we have now would not be fighting to stop abortion, and limit education to abstinance only. The christian rite is ruining our government and the entire world by influencing hatred towards muslims (hence wars in middle east) and unrest at home limiting the rights of women back to pre civil rights status. We need a true separation of church and state to allow the non christians to live life the way that they see fit, and allow the christians to also have the liberty to live life the way they want. IF they do not want abortions, contraceptives, and stem cell research then they can opt out of being involved. If they want to not fight in wars then they should stop supporting hatred towards those who are different and work to have a more peaceful and Diverse world. Accept your brother, and accept their way of life, but you do not have to live it as well. Please fight to keep a separation of church and state and fight to separate them even more.

    If we were all Christian like the bible belt and president are pushing for we would all be blind commies belonging to the worlds largest cult

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    The Thirty Years War, seventeenth century Europe, and associated conflicts such as the English Civil War. Protestants and Catholics wiped out half of Germany trying to decide which was the better religion, in the seventeenth century. A good number of the original settlers in the United States, such as the Puritans and the Quakers had suffered severe repression back in England for religious reasons. The founding fathers of the U.S. didn't want anything like that happening here.

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    the seperation is to confuse it is not real .

    the guys that control the politicians are the same that control the religions

    they want to wash your brains so that they can take all your money ,

    and after that you may die ,but only if you have loved the guys that ripped you off ,you will be allowed into their heaven ,no doubt as compost

    any body who fall for all this crap deserves everything that is coming to them

    such as nuclear war and to be slaves of a facist system.

    the freedom is an illusion ,people dont realise it yet but a one state religion is pending.

    which will come into play with the New World Order.

    and the kids are being brainwashed right now that this is a good thing.

    Truth-- where are you??

    Lies ---are now truths

    Reason ---,you are lost

    Reality --get a life

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    And what are the chances of lawmakers getting religion right? I would hate to see Teddy Kennedy making laws that mandate religious acts. Take the example of the Roman Catholic Church; during a period of time known as the dark ages, they killed millions for teaching what the Bible teaches. What gave the church this power? They were mingled in with the state and could therefore kill whomever they wanted.

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  • you have a lot of issues you need to overcome if u write a statement like this, i hope ur life isn't as miserable as it sounds... and i hope that one day u may understand that God has a reason for everything, incase He took something away from you that u cared about... I personally do not force my belief on others, i just believe that when someone experiences God's mercy and grace then they will believe in him... it doesn't matter how many times the person is preached to, or is spoken to. This world will collapse, its going to be hell on earth... if u know what that is... and i hope before then God has shown you how much He really loves you...

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    "Separation of Church and state" is not found in the Constitution. As a matter of fact, the preamble to the Constitution mentions blessings. From who else would we get blessings but from God?

    The myth of "separation of Church and state" is promoted by leftist liberals with an anti-Christian agenda. They only try to apply this rule when it comes to Christianity in government. Any other religious display in government or on public property is ok with them.

    The biggest example is the Statue of Liberty which is statue of a Pagan goddess. It is the biggest symbol of religion in government, but you will never see a liberal trying to sue the government to have it removed. One could combine all of the crosses and ten commandment displays on government buildings in America and it wouldn't come to near the size of the Statue of Liberty.

    Basically, liberals are for freedom of expression and freedom of speech as long as it doesn't have any Christianity in it.


    How many abortionists were killed by a bomber? Now, how many babies have been killed by abortionists? That's what I thought.

    Here is some reality:

    4D Sonograms


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    The REASON we have a "Seperation of Church and State" is so we can have 2 things:

    #1. Freedom of Religion - to worship any GOD we choose.

    #2. Freedom FROM Religion - to not BELIEVE in God if we choose.

    This is why it is so important to keep church and state separate. Because Jesus didn't go around bombing abortion clinics (and if you seriously don't think they weren't doing abortions back then, your a fool). Jesus doesn't want you to spend your time trying to FIX THIS WORLD. Jesus NEVER TALKED about this world. He said to concentrate about HIS INCOMING Kingdom and to leave Satans world to satan who is the ruler of this world. So by going out and doing violent things, your following your God, satan. By reading and studying the Bible, preaching to others and waiting FOR GOD TO COME BACK WITH CHRIST and LET HIM WORRY ABOUT WHATS GOING ON, then your acting like God and Christ is who your following, not Satan. Nothing you do on Earth will Last, that is why Christ wasn't tempted by Satan to be the ruler of this world, only his incoming Kindgom would fix it for ALL TIME.

  • There is just suppose to be a seperation of church and state if you want to know the fact. in the churches some preachers teach politics also well most do and thats not right. we are suppose to have a free right in either one but we don't the state tells the church what to do. we need seperation from church and state,.

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    Because our founding fathers were wise enough to know that when religion is decreed by government the result is religious persecution.

    Separation of church and state is the only thing between us and everything from forced church attendance to burning at the stake. (or its modern day equivalent)

    That's why it's so important!

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    well you wouldnt think that with the way the country is being run today that there is a seperation!!!

    i like the thing about the " good christians" growing up to blow up abortion clinics,they are all hypocrites!!!

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