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Are farmers allowed to have bee hives on their farms?

We have over 10 acres where alfalfa is grown. For 6 years we have had bee hives to help polinate the crops. We had a neighbor sell property close by, then the new neighbor plopped a mobile home on their land and now started complaining about our bees (especially, "...drinking their water, and bothering their kids").They are professionally kept by a local company and his is the first complaint we have had as the area is agricultural. What are our rights?

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    Laws are certain to differ from state to state and even county to county and probably relies on the zoning classification of your land and other lands surrounding it. If your area hasn't been rezoned as residential, your new neighbors are probably out of luck. Contact the local zoning and planning board to find out exactly how the land is zoned and then research the local laws. Better still, have an attorney do it.

    Don't wait until the conflict with your neighbors spirals out of control and they start trying to exterminate your bees. Take the initiative and make sure the law is on your side first. You might want to check into the zoning on their property also. They may not be permitted to have a residence where they have put it or at least should have understood the risks when putting it there.

    While you might not like the idea of having to eat the expense of investigating the situation, it will probably end up being less expensive for you in the long run and you won't have to undergo the same ordeal some years down the line after your neighbors have put in a permanent residence or have their land rezoned which may very well impact on your land usage and ability to have an apiary on it. Indeed, there may be ordinances that require a license for an apiary. Make sure you are in compliance with everything you need to be in compliance with. An early "checkmate" may prevent extended legal battles later on.

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    Since you and your bees were there first, I do not think the people with the mobile home have any legal right to complain. The person to ask would be your insurance agent; are you covered for a lawsuit like they might want to bring? If so, can you talk to a lawyer now (not wait to be sued), or will the insurance agent talk to the insurance company's lawyer, and make sure you are on safe ground. Usually, the rule is whoever is there first, unless what you are doing is itself illegal. Beekeeping is not only legal, it is important, both for pollinating the fields and for making honey, as well as beeswax and other natural products.

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    Pending on your local laws. Most farmers do not have bees , but let a Apiarist bring out hives when crops are in bloom. But most farmers per say do not have a apiary on there farm.

    Apiary ...The art of keeping bees...

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    We have Right To Farm Laws here in NYS,VT.Your a farmer you have a right and are grandfathered in,you where there first.Here 1 bee hive and you qualify as a farmer.

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    Bee keepers rights vary from sate to sate. Search with the keywords 'apiary+law' 'gov' and the name of your state to find the laws that apply to you...

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    That is your land and you can keep what ever you want on it such as Bee hives.

    Source(s): United states Constitution
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    Have the queen bee send in her troops and move them out.

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