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Pirates of the Caribbean......?

I just saw it last night(opening night is sooooo crazy! omg!!) and it was pretty good but i thought it was goingt o be better. I heard some guy saying on his phone that it was the worst movie he'd ever seen. It definatly wasn't like the greatest thing in the world like i thought it was going to be but it was good. I just felt like i wanted more, ya kno? but anyways, what did u think of it?

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    same here....i wanted more!!! like, it was good...but not as good as the first! ya kno? sequals usually aren't as good as the first movie though! the ending....well i didnt really like that...it completely set up the 3rd movie!!!!! u know that that certain "someone" (i wont say who, in case there are some people who haven't seen it) didnt really die because no one would go see the 3rd movie (i mean i would, but heyy!)

    and i know..opening night......CRAYYYY!!!!! i went to 3 diff. theaters and 4 out of the 5 shows were sold out so i had to see it at 10:15 last night!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    I thought it was good. It did drag a little in parts. I wasn't as blown out of the water as I was with the first one but I heard a reviewer on The Early Show this morning theorizing it was because we already knew Jack Sparrow. In the first movie we had never seen anything like Jack before, you know? I thought the twist at the end was GREAT - I Certainly didn't see it coming. I hate that it ended so abruptly but now I can't WAIT to see the third movie. =)

    As a standalone movie it doesn't work. You HAVE to have seen the first movie to be able to enjoy the second. But if you've seen the first - it's enjoyable and fun which is just what it's meant to be.

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    I thought it was awesome. I think everyone expected it to be a huge surprise all the way thru, but they had too many spoilers come out before the movie was even released.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well wut I think of this movie is that it was a lot better than the first one it had more this but the movie was really kool!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh my gosh!!! I saw that movie just half an hour ago!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw that guy with the cell phone Screw his ***!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    I really enjoyed it.

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