If you could design a perfect government for people today what would it be?

I don't mean which government is the best. I mean, if we had to design a government from scratch that could include the Internet, foreign affairs, proper representation of the people, a strong economy, and so forth, how would we build that government? Would it be a Democracy? A hybrid of other governments. How do we invent a perfect government for society today?

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    The government suggested by the people who framed the constitution of the US.. One of checks and balances, whose purpose is to protect the minority from the majority, and who doesn't intefere with individual civil liberties.

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    Government should be of the people, by the people, and for the people. We can let the governments continue and make them near perfect if we inform and educate the people and then give people the vote by Internet or any secure means. No army or government can win against the people if the people are informed and have a voice. Police mostly find bad guys when the public helps. Terrorist could not exist if we could have neighbor hood watches in every block through the world. They could report bad guys to the police and that would be the end of that. We just have a problem of communicating with each other. We really make the laws. If a law is no good and no one obeys that law, all the kings horses and all the kings men could not enforce that law against the will of the people. Public servants are just that, not Gods. They serve at our pleasure. If they don't do well, we should be able to replace them easily. They now have too many things that keep us from exerting our will. When the will of the people is heard, we will no longer be slaves. There is much dissension now and always will be, but the majority should rule. Your question strikes at the heart of our problems today. If we could just get the word out to drive and fly slower, we could save 20% of fuel used today. The neighbor hood watches would do away with terrorist. Equal pay for equal work would keep big business and government from making slaves of us. It won't be perfect, but it will be fair.

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    That's a pretty complicated question. I'm sure I could write a paper on it, but I certainly don't have enough room to do that here. Either way, I'm not sure that a "perfect government" could really exist in reality. Governments are always run by people, with different branches working together in some cases, and just a few people making decisions in others. Either way, people aren't perfect, so it's unrealistic to expect governments to be. However, I do believe in the division of power and democracy... I prefer the Parliamentary system we have in Canada to the Presidential system of the United States. However, I do like the idea of an elected Senate with members from every province or state to balance the House of Commons or the House of Representatives (in the US), which is elected based on representation by population. However, the Electoral College has never made sense to me! Germany's system is pretty neat, if you're interested in comparing different aspects of governments, check it out.

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    An enlightened despot. People are idiots thats why lots of them should not run the government...Why have many when you could just have one?

    Seriously though....I think our system is good but it needs a few tweeks...I would get rid of universal suffrage for any citizen over 18. That's bonkers...only people that actually have a stake in society, those who pay taxes...ie...those who work or those who are retired and had paid taxes should be able to vote. I would even go a step further...I might even change the status of citizenship...only those who serve in the armed forces for a minimum of four years would be qualified as full citizens and therefore get the right to vote.

    I would also allow the president to serve an unlimited amount of terms. If he is good enough to be elected again and again then he should be elected again and again.

    I would keep Congress exactly the same and the Supreme court as well...they are essential parts of the system.

    I would reform campaign financing rules too. I would set a maximum level that each candidate could use for campaigning and it would be relatively small ($20 million) and that is money necessary to propell them through the primaries as well. So they would be forced to spend their money wisely.

    Other than that...the US system is flawed but still the best. I'd rather live here than say...Iran, Russia, China, or Chad.

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    I would start with the great democracies because they're the closest form of government yet devised to show the will of the people governed.

    Improvements certainly could be made. First and foremost I would devise a way of selecting candidates for office from all of the most brilliant minds in the land, not party players.

    Perhaps each party could scout the iniversities for brilliant minds, or devise other ways of getting the best in the country into the highest offices.

    The idea of putting old party cronies up for election is about the dumbest way of finding the most qualified people for the job.

    A perfect government ??? No way, whoever gets in the high offices in this or any other country will owe much to those who helped him get in. Those people will be paid back in one way or the other. Another point, friendship. The higher ups will continue to put friends in offices under them knowing they're not the absolute best to be found.

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  • Tommy
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    The perfect government would be direct rule by God.

    Lacking divine intervention, I hold that the best form of human government is a benign dictatorship. Given a leader who has a primary concern for people the work gets done without favor and without delay.

    A true populist form of government gives much the same result as a benign dictatorship. Both forms are hated by those at home with governments of mass confusion, shell games, personal gain, public glory and subjection of the electorate by fraud. That is to say a two party system in name only.

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    One of the problems with this question is that, whatever system of government a nation adopts, it cannot exist in isolation from the rest of the world, and from the pressures that interacting with other nations and supra-national organisations exert on national government. With the best will in the world, the most representative and democratically elected government cannot avoid being influenced by the undemocratic organisations that govern the interactions between nations, such as the World Trade Organisation, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, etc, and also from supra-national corporations.

    Any solution for perfect government needs to also incorporate a solution for improving the workings of these organisations.

    For some interesting insights and ideas on this subject, I recommend reading "The Age of Consent" by George Monbiot.

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    A better society would entail people collectively taking control of all wealth and democratically plan its production and distribution according to human needs instead of profit.

    The relative freedom found on the Internet would be maintained and spread to other area's of human existence such as parneting and housing. It would be needs based rather than profit based.

    It would be a highly organized form of society, but a society that was organized on the basis of organic units, organic communities. By this I mean, the workplace and the neighborhood, and from those two basic units there could derive through federal arrangements a highly integrated kind of social organization which might be national or even international in scope. And these decisions could be made over a substantial range, but by delegates who are always part of the organic community from which they come, to which they return, and in which, in fact, they live.

    I think this natural possibility could only occur by a full on Revolution on an international scale, toppling the present capitalist (highly un-natural) structure. What we have now is a situation where people work and create society’s wealth, but have no control over its production and distribution, therefore, a small elite profits massively and the rest are steadily making ends meet and can only invest in one generation at a time typically.

    An alternative is so much much more reasonable if you think of it. The problem is how to dislodge this cancerous system that has grown on our biosphere, including our mentality.

    I would think that executing decisions taken by representative bodies is a mere part-time job which should be rotated through the community and, furthermore, should be undertaken by people who at all times continue to be participants in their own direct activity.

    Far less stress than what we have now.

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    Use the US govt we have now but change the following:

    1. The prez wouldn't be elected but would a lotto system from the pool of ALL (male and female) registered voters over the age of 35.

    2. The lotto selected prez would only be allowed to serve one full term (4 years) then they would return to their old job before being the prez (Taco bell, school teacher, whatever).

    3. Members of congress should only get a pension after turning age 65 (not like now --an automatic pension after 8 years of service...this must include social security)

    4. Do away with demo and republicans...not which party and who has more money...go with who can do the best job.

    That's for a start!

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    If we had no corruption and lies in Government, democracy would be the best. A Government of the people, by the people and for the people. Too bad profit and personal gain always ruins it.

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