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is something really necessary?

necessary is subjective,and not free,

objective is not necessary.

what is the point in necessary?

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    without subjective-ness, you have no objective-ness, vice versa. necessary is necessary

    was this question necessary? probably to you, right? and your objective (i know, i took it out of context) was to get an answer other than "huh... i dun get it... get a life, dood"

    sometimes objective is necessary.

    let me know if i'm a complete idiot... thanks... oh wait, of course i am.

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    Necessary, as it relates to life can be better explained by example. For instance, air is necessary for human life to breath, food is necessary to sustain life. Otherwise you need to be more specific if you want to get a more specific answer

  • Anonymous
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    Something is necessary or else you would have nothing!

  • micho
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    1 decade ago

    as u said its realy necessary

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  • Oleg B
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    there is no point ...who cares about necessity to breath? It breathing...fear produce symbol of necessity in many different forms

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    necessary reqires sirvival ....which is a choice

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    It really means you have to have it to live.

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    1 decade ago

    right. um hang on a minute.

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    What's the question? I mean I don't understand. Please explain.

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