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What is the difference between mens and womens razors?

You watch the commercials where women try to steal their boyfriend's razors. Is there something better about men's razors that women's razors don't have? Is one better than the other when it comes to cutting close, razor burn or nicking skin?

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    The price and the marketing. they tend to jack up the prices on women's razors. A blade is a blade.

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    Names, colors and prices. For Example: The Mach 3 men's razor and the Venus women's razor, both by Gillete, are the exact razor except the Venus is pink and costs more. There might be a difference between brands or issues of quailty between price levels. As far as the difference between men and women razors, well there is none except women unknowingly get ripped off.

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    All that's different is the marketing and the colors. Men's razors can now have up to 5 blades, which is kinda stupid.

    As long as you have a razor that has 2 or 3 blades and a moisturizing strip, you are in business.

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    Women's razors come in neat colors like pink and purple and men's razors are usually black, gray or blue.

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    Its just a marketing thing, the only real difference is somtimes womens razors have thicker lubricating strips,

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    I think mens have more blades bcuz their stubble is harder to shave but womens have those moisture strips on the outside to keep you from drying out your skin

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    i use mens razors. they're made to shave faces, so they are all around better & i use guys shaving cream too. i have noticed a big difference between guys & girls. i rarely get razorburn w/ guys stuff. if you don't want to use guys stuff, then i recommend shick intuition. it works great too.

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