I have a very tight vagina, never had sex before, what can I do to avoid sex pain?

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    Please don't rush yourself into something which will cause heartache for you. The biggest hurt from premarital sex is a broken heart and a broken spirit. You can loose your self esteem and then he'll leave you when he's done with you.

    Your are better than that and you'd be surprised how many people are choosing to wait until after they are married.

    You can catch some awful diseases from premarital sex with or without a condom.

    You will meet nicer boys if you don't give into their hormones.

    Find someone who will love you for yourself and not just someone to use. You are so much better than that.

    Wait. Change friends if they are trying to persuade you to become sexually active.

    This is one of the biggest decisions for you to make about your life. Just decide that you respect yourself too much to become yesterday's used goods.

    You will avoid having to take pregnancy tests. Contemplate killing your unborn baby and going against the essence of being a woman to nurture the baby in your womb.

    You will not be at risk for aids and so many other diseases.

    When you go out with someone it will be because they love and respect you. They will probably even have a real personality.

    After your wedding your husband and you can figure out sex together. You won't have to be fessing up to what diseases you might be passing on to him or if you have made yourself sterile because of being sexually active before marriage.

    God Bless You,

    Please take care of yourself. God Loves You. ;-)

    please read the web source included.


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    Well the first thing you need to know is that all women are tight, however the process of getting aroused when sex is eminent will secrete lubricants inside and also fill the walls with blood and make it less tight, however it is advisable to see a Gynecologist to make sure there is not something medically wrong, with the way you are formed, tell him or her the problems you are worrying about and take their advice on what to do for your first time, some women have a very thick hymen and the doctor has to cut it so that they can have intercourse without pain...So...go see the doctor and get their advice.

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    1 decade ago

    Ask your OBGYN about a "dialator". It resembles a vibrator without the vibration. It's made of some sort of hard plastic. They come in different sizes and you use it for 10 minutes each time and lubricated with KY or similar.

    I just completed an 8 week course of radiation which causes permanent damage to the vagina. I won't go into the details but I have to use the dialator three times a week (or have sex) for the rest of my life. This is to keep the vagina from closing but something like this may be helpful for you.

    As a mom I have to put in my 2 cents and say when you do have sex PLEASE use protection and always have it with you!

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    Make sure you use a lubricant (Astroglide is great. Just make sure it is Waterbased. -- waterbased lubes only need water to be reactivated, so you don't need a lot. Do not use petroleum based products, they deteriorate condoms and can cause infections.)

    Have your man go slowly and make sure you are aroused. Start small and work your way up.

    Practice relaxing your Kegel muscles (the muscles inside your vagina). When you pee pay attention to stopping and starting, those are the muscles. Once you are used to feeling them, practice keeping them relaxed.

    Talk to your partner about this so he is aware and can be gentle and loving. This is not uncommon, if it doesn't get better, talk to your gynocologist, she may be able to give you recommendations.

    Whatever you do do not take "paris's" recommendation. Do not stick anything inside you that was not designed for that purpose.

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    Use lots of lube! you can buy the sensual ones water based from sex stores or drug stores. They avoid friction and you won't get sore. Oh, and RELAX, the more tense youare, the more tight your vagina is. And have sex more than once a week so you loosen up a little, get it?

    Good luck

    Source(s): Cosmopolitan
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    if you never had sex how do you know it's tight? I mean tight is a relative term.. do you mean tight like can't fit a pencil in there or tight like can barely squeeze the whole beer bottle (wide end) in or tight like a watermelon would go in with only minimal pain.. Have some sex and quit whining.

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    Well what you can do is get a guy like me who treats women so gently specially if their virgin so you can enjoy sex even tho it might hurt a little but you'll get used to it once you get it a few more times.

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    If you are a horny little slut then you should use a dildo.

    If that is not the case then you should wait until you find the man of your dreams and use lubrication like ky jelly.

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    it hurts most girls the first time... there isn't anything to do to totally avoid all pain... but use some of the ideas people have already posted.

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    well you can use a lubrication but either way it will hurt. When he penetrates you he will tear the hymen and that will cause the pain.

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