Why is the Bible so dull?

Y'all make too big a deal out of that book>

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    sniff, sniff. what's that buring O it's your A$$.

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    It's our manual to life, of course we make a big deal out of it! But it can be dull. You might want to check out "The Word On The Street", which is a "modernized" version of the Bible. It skips through all the "dull" parts, like the laws, and genealogies, and stuff. And maybe you should just try a different version. The Bible is exciting if you're a Christian, so that could be our problem too.

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    'Tis a bit long-winded upon occasion! However....

    Have you ever read Genesis? Not just the first 2 chapters, but Noah & all that?

    It's a whole bunch of STORIES! According to "The Book of J," Genesis is, for the most part, borrowed. It is based on various other myths from other, older beliefs, only instead of many/several gods &/or goddesses, there was One God.

    Genesis is FULL of stories! Since you don't believe what's IN it, you can feel free to read those stories as you would the comics. If you get a picture Bible like I had when I was little, there are even pictures!

    Genesis is just one book. If you look, there are fascinating stories everywhere in the Bible!

    Take your time: you CAN find entertainment in the Bible IF you want to!


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    Golf is dull. Watching grass grow is dull. Talking to cows is dull. Reading a book is never dull. I've had a lot of fun challenging the Bible and looking at actual Greek contexts. I learned a lot of new things.

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    I don't agree with the Bible, but the Bible wasn't written for your entertainment. It's like a manual to how to live life. I mean, do your read the manual to your remote control for entertainment?

    Oh, by the way, there are many parts of the Bible that is not dull. It's just your choice on whether you want to take it seriously or not.

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    Dull! are you crazy? A book that takes you from the beginning of the human race, all through ancient civilizations to modern man...dull???? What do you want??? An Indiana Jones Movie on the Bible?????

  • Maybe you started reading in a difficult place with many pages of geneologies, history, measurements .....

    Some suggestions:

    - Start with the attitude of expecting some answers.

    - Read the new testament section first Maybe start with the book of John.

    - Keep reading until finding something interesting.

    - Aim towards a lifestyle that includes regular/short readings.

    These suggestions put into practice may not in themselves accomplish much but the content of the Bible should become interesting.

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    Because you've read it, or heard it read, too many times. Anything, no matter how good, gets boring, eventually.

    It's quite good stuff really, but it's not perfect, it's not the word of God, and it's very old, and, therefore, a bit out of date in parts. Also, the english translations of the Old Testament, original in Hebrew, are completely useless. Try a Spanish version, if you know Spanish. They actually translate the Book of Job as a poem, which it is, rather than prose, as it appears in the King James version. It's a very beautiful poem. And very profound.

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    Actually The Bible was programmed to help the religious, and written in a most confusing way so as to keep argument alive and not get at thee truth.

    As to the Zeta...um they are a 4th Dimension higher entity race who have been where black holes are made 'A discussion on these issues places man outside of his environment, as to him he sees only expansion in the Universe around him, so a turnabout is theoretical and thus subject to haggling. We, the Zetas, have visited portions of the Universe where a turnabout is in process, so can speak to these issues with confidence'

    Actually what they say and what I know in my spirit and read in other things all makes sense now

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    It may be dull to us, because we don't live in those times and don't understand the culture totally. but if you take oh, say 1st Peter, people were dying for their faith everywhere. imagine, you get a letter from one of the leaders of the church, you gather in secret with others to read it, all the while knowing that if you are caught, you will most certainly die. you open the letter and there are words of encouragement and faith. that would be exciting or what about battles and such, people are entertained by then in movies and such, why is reading about them so different?

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    You obviously have never read the book of "Judges"!

    You might try a more recent translation such as "The Amplified Bible" or "The Message" all available for free viewing at www.biblegateway.com


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