There was a question about "Do Whiggers" annoy you or something like that.?

I don't agree with the term nor do I like the term. I think it's insulting. That word reminds me of the word ****** and I HATE THAT WORD! The people that you refer to as "Whiggers" are white people who are embracing the hip-hop culture. What about Hispanic, Asian, Native Americans and Europeans who embrace the Hip-Hop Culture? What would you call them? Is it so wrong for another race or culture to "adopt" traits or habits from another race? Look, don't get started. I'm not condoning the negative aspects of the "Hip-Hop" Culture. Calling women hoes and bitches is not my thing. But OUR MUSIC and OUR STYLE is what some people are trying to emulate. And that in it self isn't a bad thing. Where do you think Elvis got his music and style from?

Thoughts? Postive or negative. You're entitled. I won't hate.


Hound Dog was originally recorded in a blues style by Big Mama Thornton in 1953. Her version was a #1 R&B hit and by far her biggest success. Like many Blues musicians, she never made much money, but was a big influence on many singers who did. In 1968, Janis Joplin recorded a song Thornton wrote called "Ball And Chain," which appeared on several Joplin compilation albums after she died in 1970.

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Do I listen to Elvis? Do you listen to Tupac?

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    Well, here's the thing on that. People could have once called me one I guess. I feel that some white people gravitate toward any group that has a strong culture b/c they feel they lack one. For example, I'm German, but do not speak, understand, eat, etc. German- I do not even know too much about the culture, aside from what my family has told me. I've never been to Germany and do not even like beer. So, I have always been drawn to groups who have a definitive culture with which to identify. Also, I really like dark people because I find them prettier to look at than whites. (I'M REALLY STARTING A WAR, HERE, RIGHT?) When a person is around a language or dialect for an extended time, it is common to at least pick up bits and pieces. You know what that person meant by whiggers tho, right? There's a difference between embracing a culture and just trying too hard b/c it's cool in your view. Whiggers (and no I'm not afraid to use that word) really are annoying b/c they are teenage boys searching for identity and in the process picking up sh** like criminal behavior- that's just dumb. Even tho I was the only white girl at the entire family reunion and unafraid to walk thru the "dangerous" part of town, I was not bragging about the dam( ) "pen".

    I had to leave the city I use to live in because of racial tension that you can cut with a knife. Can't live like that. Now I live where there are a lot of Latinos and their culture is very rich too.

    The United States is very progressive in some ways, but totally lacking in others. I felt better after someone reminded me of jazz, baseball, women's rights, and freedom of religion as cultural marks unique to the USA. I was really feeling depressed that we are best known for Hollywood and WalMart.

    anyway, sorry to be so longwinded, but whiggers really get on my dam( ) nerves, but not for the reasons the others listed. Curious about what you think.

    ps. I am married to a Venezuelan who looks white. The people in his country come in all different colors (and are "colorblind"),but they hate each other wrt class. You can't win.

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    That term was created to remind everyone of where things come from. I don't look at it as a complete negative. White people have taken a lot of things over without giving credit and in a dumb way it still acknowledges that the Hip-Hop Culture is something that came from minority kids.

    It is a derogatory the term wiggers is not good but I can see why it was created.

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    Well, see a lot of us richer, old fashioned, white people expect for their own culture to stay away from such music and definately don;t want their own children to fall short of that, But we do expect for other countries and cultures to just waste their time and listen to it. Oh, and back then ELVIS DID NOT SING ABOUT SEX, VIOLENCE OR MONEY BUT PERENTS DID HATE HIM BEING ON TV AND SHAKING HIS HIPS. Do you even listen to Elvis?

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    the wanna be us, so by not disrespecting us they call themselves whiggers it annoying to see and hear it.

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