What would u do if u dont wanna take ur test?

Suppose you have an important test and you haven't studied for it. How you can get away with it? Can u think of a perfect excuse for not showing up on the test day? Remember, for college students u need some kind of documents to support ur lie. Any good liars out there?

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    Say you hurt your back or something. If you go to your PCP (Primary Care Physician), you can ask for a note because of your such and such injury, and they will give you one. ;) My dad does it all the tmie at work. But usually, he really has hurt his back. Good luck with your tests. Also, instead of worrying about how you're going to get out of the test, why don't you try and study as much as you can before-hand? Worrying takes a lot of time - time that you could use to study. Again, good luck!

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    It depends on who your teacher is. Some teachers will give you a zero no matter what if you don't show up to take your test, unless you're in the hospital dying. You might be better off to go take it and guess than to not take it on the day it's given.

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    walk out

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