Where does the muriatic acid that I put in my pool go to?

I've added, like 3 gallons, and the pH level keeps going back down.


Actually, I mean the pH keeps going back up.. I'm just curious what happens to the acid? Does it evaporate or something? The pool is an in ground gunnite pool that was finished in March this year. We initially filled it with softened water...the pool company didn't know...so had to add a bunch of increaser initially. It's pretty well balanced, but I'm curious what actually happens to the acid that I keep adding?

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    Of course the pH is going down. You are adding acid. Low pH is acidic. High pH is alkaline. So the more acid you add the lower the pH will be!

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    It might not be a problem with your muriatic acid it might be a problem with your pump. It might need to be checked. If you're still having problems ask your local pool supply store they can definatly help you. But if you're putting THAT much muriatic acid in it then there HAS to be something wrong with that pump. Also check if any base is getting into your pool somehow (used in a lot of cleaners) that can also affect the pH level.

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    You would need to understand chemistry to gasp the questions you are asking. However, it short it turn so ionic salt and water.

    Arrhenius Acids and Bases

    An acid is a substance which dissociates in water to produce one or more hydrogen ions (H+).

    A base is a substance which dissociates in water to produce one or more hydroxide ions (OH-).

    Acids and bases will neutralize each other when mixed. They produce water and an ionic salt, neither of which are acidic or basic.

    So, the chlorine in your pool is a base and the muriatic acid is, of course, an acid. NEVER store acid and base together or next to each other. Therefore you do not want to mix chlorine (base) and acid together. You should never add chlorine and acid to your pool at the same time.

    When mixed in your pool, the chlorine base will neutralize the muriatic acid- aka hydrochloric acid and the acid will neutralize the chlorine. Nature wants to balance itself.

    So in most cases you will need to add more acid to lower your pH because adding chlorine will raise your pH. The mixture of both will neutralize to water and a bit of salt--a mineral.

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    Go to Walmart and buy some PH-Up or PH Rise.

    It is a powder form and has stabilizers to make it last.

    Your pump won't change the chemical balance unless it isn't circulating the water and you would know if that was happening.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you need to contact your local pool supplier, I don't think muriatic acid goes in a pool I always used it to clean bricks

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