I will like to know why ebay is asking for receipts for things u want to sell on their site?

I know ebay have policies, but i was a member and they some how think am not paying for my items am selling on ebay. what if some one give u some thing to sell for them? how is it possible to have a reciept for it? or what if its something used? or what if u dont want the the price given out, u are there to make money noo? I dont get this type of discrimination like am a thief, and what if u have a pic that they think u didnt take like one item i up load i just use the image that the item came with coz i dindnt have a digital camera. Can some one give me some real imput on this ebay system ? please ...thanking you in advance. I have a 14 k yellow gold diamond and rain bow sapphires bracelet brand new and appraise. Selling for $3500.00 usdollars wroth $7000.00 usdollars where can i sell this ladies bracelet and get good results.Its for charity no joke.Can u lelp me?...email me asap.

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    yahoo has a place just like ebay


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    Ebay wants reciepts for certain types of items, like expensive jewelry because people would steal things and sell it on Ebay. Also they want to verify authenticity when appropriate. This system makes ebuyers more trusting and insures you top dollar. If you can't give ebay what they want there are several online places you can sell it as well as pawn shops and newspaper ads but they won't give you the exposure that ebay will. Don't expect to get 50% appraised value for a piece of jewelry. Even on Ebay I doubt youd get that. People that can waste money on expensive jewelry typically like to buy it new out of classy jewelry stores. If you are into jewelry you may be able to take it to a jewelry store and trade it in for something you like better.

  • I have never been asked for a receipt. It may be because it is such a high ticket item and there have been a lot of frauds on ebay with high priced items. You would also probably get better prices for something like that at a jewelry store.

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    2 reasons

    1 people can steal things and sell them on ebay to make money and their try to prevent that


    2 because they wan t to make sure its not a fake

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  • 1 decade ago

    they want to make sure that you are not selling it for a really expensive price and its really cheap. they just dont want people getting rip-offs on their site

  • 1 decade ago

    Its a corporate business now so they are going to be greedy! And no thanks I dont wear jewelry.

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