A person received 2 citations discharging a firearm within city limits and possession of marijuana how can I?

tickets were issued in the city of henderson nevada by park rangers, How can I obtain a record of these tickets?

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    1 decade ago
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    First, since it involves a criminal action, and it is apparent that you are not the victim or the suspect, then I don't think you would have any rights under various Freedom of Information Acts.

    But, nevertheless, I would expect that a copy of the citation issued was filed with the law enforcement agency that employs the Park Ranger who issued the citation.

    In light that one of the charges is for marijuana possession in the State of Nevada, then I would expect a felonly criminal complaint to be filed in the Nevada State trial court of competent jurisdiction shortly thereafter, and then you could easily obtain a copy from the court file.

    (I'm still surprised there was not an arrest made, for the possession charge, since in Nevada, any possession of marijuana is a felony.)

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    Find out where the park rangers go to court, or if the park rangers were just complainants where city police or Marshall goes to court. Then go obtain court record

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