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r women attracted to hairy men in speedos?

i'm not getting it. seriously, i saw a man in a purple speedo and i kis u not there was bush everywhere and peazy lookin hair in the surrounding area. does the american public need to see that? i'm under the impression they find themselves quite appealing. thoughts

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    i don't know about women, but I am very attracted to these european style fuzz balls

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    Hairy Men In Speedos

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    No man should ever wear a speedo...EVER! No matter how attractive you think you look, most people are thinking the opposite. As far as the hairy thing goes...some hair is attractive, but if you're really really hairy you might consider some hair removal options, such as waxing.

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    Uh, yuck !!! Just the mere thought of a hairy man in a speedo makes my skin crawl. In my opinion i think speedos should be outlawed.

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    I don't find any men attractive wearing speedos. I realize competitive swimmers do for a reason and they also have the bodies, but to me it's still not "atttractive". A little more coverage would be great.

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    Why do men insist on wearing speedos?

    I think they think their package is something special. Somethng that women should salivate for. Puh-lease. Put your speedos away and wear them the next time you do an extreme sport - like the Tour De France.

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    Ugh. You know what though, you're probably right. He picked that purple speedo happily and is oblivious, if not proud, of his body hair.

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    I think that if women go through the trouble to wax, tweeze, whathaveyou to wear a bikini in public that men should go through the same. I would glance upon that and shudder... EEEEWWW!

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    About as appealing as a ******** from a transvestite, a golden shower, or Pam Anderson's boobs. Now put that all together and you have one sick sense of humour straight out of the toilet, my bad weakness is sick jokes, not my reality.

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    no i don't like hairy men in speedos

  • NO! yuck! too much hair is kinda gross, and speedos should be outlawed!

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