How strong a motor do I need for a washing machine? (fast spin cycle rate)?

In other words... how much horsepower or torque do I need? The old motor for my washing machine burned up, but I don't see a horsepower # anywhere on it. I don't want to buy another motor if it won't work. Please help.

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    1 decade ago
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    The best thing that I can tell you is to buy an exact replacement motor made by your machine's manufacturer. There are many different ways washer motors are mounted and it would be difficult to find a replacement motor from a general source that would mount properly, accept the motor pulley, and connect electrically the way your original motor does. And you don't want to engineer the motor into your machine and take the risk of it not working properly after all of that hard work. You can obtain a replacement from the web by just doing a simple search. Use the search words "Appliance parts". You will need the Model number and Serial number of your machine for a look-up on these web sites to get the correct part. If you are leary of these web sites you can go to the manufacturer's web site as many of them have replacement parts available on line. For example or If you have difficulty in finding your manufacturer's web site contact me and I can give you a couple of URLs to legitimate sites.

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    My Kenmore has a 1/2 Hp induction motor. 120 volts. I replaced it from an old Whirlpool washer a friend had with a cracked transmission case. They are all very similar from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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    You might be better off retiring the old workhorse.It's time for mom to get a new washing machine.

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