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Computer making scary sounds?

My computer keeps making these weird sounds. It sounds like the cooling fan or the disk drive. It sounds like a jet engine ready to take off, or the computer is about to explode or something. When I turn on the computer it's fine for a couple minutes but then it just starts all of a sudden. It's really loud, and I think something may be damaged?


By the way the computer is somewhat new. I got it in 2003.

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    Your fan might be wearing out or either you have a dust and dirt buildup in your computer. Take it to a repair shop and have it cleaned and checked out.

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    for one, a cpu and a hard drive are 2 different things. It could be a cooling fan or it could be the power supplt fan. The power supply fan will be on the back of the case and can be seen without tearing anything apart. Another thing it could be is, are you sure there is not a cd in the drive? They can make a sound like your speaking of too. Good luck

  • That sounds like you are loosing a fan. It might be the CPU cooler. If it starts making a knocking clicking sound, get ready to replace your hard drive, especially if it is a Western Digital Drive. That company invented the click of death...

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    Sounds like a dying processor or case fan. Open the computer while its running to confirm. If it's the processor fan get it replaced ASAP and leave your computer off. The processor can burn out if the fan siezes, especally AMD processors. If you buy a processor fan you should remove the faulty one and take it with you to the store.

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    Definitely not a good sign. Sounds like your CPU is about ready to go out.

    My suggestion: save everything you want to save on disk. Get a new hard drive.

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    take a vacuum and clean off the power supply fan.

    also open the case and suck out all the dust.

    use Q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean off the fans.

    do not smoke around the computer and do not put it on the floor(dusty)

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    Take it to a repair shop, sounds like a drive is out.

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    You Better Get That Checked Out.

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    For anybody whose computer makes scary sounds.....

    Sneak up behind it, yell BOO! real loud. Teach it a lesson.

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    ahhahahahah thats funny... proly the oil in the motor of the fan is gone...thak it to a computer repiar shop

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