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who came up with the ruling that soccer players are not allowed to reenter a game after being substituted?

also why limit substitutions? these rules seem so ridiculous and make the game less appealing..why not like basketball where substitutions are not limited?


strategizing? thats bs if you have a star player that gets injured and needs a break or is a bit winded he gets replaced and never gets to return... try havng to take out shaq,dwayne, lb, ai, in the first quarter for a minor recoverable injury and they never get to return to the game after being substituted..this rule is a travesty and limits maximum potential for teams

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    yes i agree that is such a stupid ruling and soccer purists should go and kick themselves in the a ss for appreciating this abominable rule.... i really wonder who was the stupid fool/fools that invented that rule

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    these are two reasons that soccer will never gain the popularity or acceptance that other sports have in america.

    but, i also think they are two rules that should remain. it's part of what makes soccer such a tough sport. the coach must rely on superior tactics, and making the right substitution at the right time. the strategizing is endless...

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