Would you sacrifice your personal morals and beliefs to support a government agenda?

I've seen many say they don't support the war, but they support the military. I'm confused...

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    Usually they are being dishonest with you and themselves. When they say this they are really stating that they support their political opinions. Notice that their 'support' is generally limited to demands that the military do something that suits their politics.

    If they really supported the troops they would simply shut up. All they are doing is encouraging the enemy to attack us in the hopes that the anti-war movement can do what they cannot - cause us to lose the war.

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    Speaking as a military service member, there is no easy answer for this question. If you are in the military, you have sworn to support the government of the US, and to obey the orders of the president.

    Personally, I do not support the government agenda on a lot of subjects. I do not support the war in Iraq, even though I have been deployed there twice. However, when the order comes to pack your things to go to Iraq, your choices as a soldier are very limited. You can either follow the order and go fight a war you do not believe in, or you can refuse to obey the order and face a court martial.

    For me, the choice was not a hard one. One year away from my family in Iraq is a lot better than 5-10 years away from my family in a military prison. Most likely the punishment would not be so severe, but even being discharged from the military under other-than-honorable circumstances can cripple your hopes for future employment.

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    after one dies, many believe that the only thing that 'goes' with you is your thoughts, memories and beliefs. the government no longer matters. if one believes in a sort of afterlife, then the question becomes somewhat simpler. if one does not believe in such a thing, then i guess it's a matter of whether you will like what kind of person you become after having sacrificed your own personal morals and beliefs.

    another thought: the military didn't declare the war, the government representitives did. the military is in the unenviable position of having to follow orders they may not believe in. what a conflict of morals and ethics that must be. such people are deserving of all the support they can get, considering the sacrifices they are making so that we don't have to. doing what we can to help or impead the individuals whose choices have caused our military to be over there in the first place, is the conflict that faces thoses of us back here in the states. what have you done to make your voice heard? even one voice can change anothers mind. ^^

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    Short andwer, NO!

    Long answer, HELL NO!

    That is why I am so against the wars Bush has been waging against Iraq and Afghanistan. If he really wanted to help people pounded down by their government he'd invade Mexico and depose the ruling oligarchy there. Mexicans are every bit as oppressed as any of the Muslim nations.

    We all know why he leaves Mexico alone, they love and support him. He's their kind of guy!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Supporting the military means supporting their mission. If you don't believe in the mission, then you undermine their belief that what they are doing is right.

  • 1 decade ago

    People join the military because they have no ability to afford an education and people understand.

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    Politics should be Moral and Principle, collectively....so never pût aways are principle because its what's make us..

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