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What would you do if your sister asks for it?

What would you do it your sister comes naked to you?

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    i done mine it was weird but goooooooooood

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    I would tell her that she is a beautiful girl but that you guys are related and that is not right under the eyes of god or the community and that you will feel very guilty if you guys do stuff and for her to go out and look for a man that is not related to her and give it to her. Don't take advantage of that curiosity that she is feeling. How old she?

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    You need to be a man and tell her that it is not right for the two of you to do that. Your parents need to know about it also. She needs to learn about the birds and bees like now.

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    Your sister DID ask me for it! And I gave it to her AND your mom!!

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    hopefully you will get over this juvenile behavior, and the questions you ask. Get a life

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    scream my head off. because then she would be a lesbian. and ask her what the hell she thinks she's doing. that its incest and to leave u alone. then avoid each other and get her to someone who will help her. um ewwww

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    what she said

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    Ew! I would lock my bedroom door and start yelling, "Mom, she's trying to rape me!!!"

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    Ignore her and don't take advantage of her.

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    well if ur living in a trailer in kentucky then its ok.

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