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TV tuner card question..?

can someone explain the steps and procedure to follow to install this hardware and software for the card using the control panel...thanks

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    If you already have your TV Tuner card, and you are running Windows XP, shut down your computer and install the card into the proper slot on the motherboard. you can then start up your computer and Windows XP might automaticly install it, or if not use the driver cd that came with the card or download the drivers from the manufacturs website. Once installed your card should be set to go and then you can watch tv through software provide with the card or Windows XP Media Center Edition. Good Luck with your project

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    fix your t.v tuner card in the correct slot in a mother board... then insert the power and data cable... this cable will be extended from the cd drive... then run the respected software cd and you are done with it... my best wishes for your work...

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