Do you think the Harry Potter books are evil and that they teach witchcraft?

I was just asking because I was reading some articles about people who burnt Harry Potter books.

I just want to know why people think that they are evil. And do they really think that witches are out there.

If you ever participated in this can you tell me if those books were paid for.


if you don't think its evil do you think the people who do are the same ones who believe in the da vinci code.

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    It says something in the bible about god being against witchcraft. I don't think they do any harm, kids need escapism and something to stimulate their imaginations and harry potter works. As I've said before anyone who can get millions of kids to shut off their TVs and computers and pick up a booK is ok in my book and frankly a bit of a genius! The kids r reading again rejoice!

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    The Harry Potter books got alot of kids into reading. They stand in line for these books. Good for Harry. The only magic these books promote is the magic of the world of imagination. The misguided Christians who think they know everything have decided that because the books talk about magical things they should be banned. Of course these are the descendants of the people who burned women at the stake in olden days. They need to get a life and you need to stop worrying and keep reading. After all kids are smarter than adults think. They do know that these books are fiction. Just like the DaVinci Code is fiction.( Some adults can't tell the difference )

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    Over the years, many books have been burned, including some people, too! There is always going to be someone acting out of fear and ignorance, that will find 'evil' lurking in 'something' or someone.

    As far as the 'witch' thing, well, there are all sorts of groups and individuals who claim to be 'witches', there are wiccans, pagans, satanists, jehovah witnesses, all sorts of people who claim all sorts of things. But, as far as the ones like in the movie, haven't seen one, yet.

    If children and adults enjoy reading these books, that's great! At least they're reading something!

    I just watch the movies, and when my grandaughter is old enough, I would like to share them with her! (she's only 6 mos)

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    What! People burning HPbooks ? Isn't it late for that?And the last one was rather costly too! I hope whoever burnt it paid for it, instead of snatching them from innocent children! I seriously wonder if parents should be allowed to prevent children from reading such books.

    Perhaps they get pirated copies and burn them?Even if i got myself to hate the books(impossible) I won't be able to burn them, unless i burn them onto a CDROM( I've got the pirated ebooks)

    How can a book that talks about the fight b/w good and evil, right and wrong, be bad? People do all these protests, mainly because a- They are attention seeking, destructive personalities, b- because they are not secure in their faith or their belief that they are following the right religion, so they find it necessary to raise hell about everything they can.

    How are they(HP books) any worse then books that justify prophets sending bears to eat up children who mocked them?

    PS- if you like Harry Potter, you might like Eragon (Christopher Paolini), and the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey.

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    No they are not evil. Witchcraft is a religion and like any religion it is not inherently evil. Only when religion is used to do wrong against others is it evil. As an example the Christians who built up fears of witchcraft and then used that fear to destroy others were the evil ones. The books are for entertainment only. Burning them would be like burning the old episodes of the tv show Bewitched. Its idiotic and narrow minded.

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    OK, if the books are taken as a FICTIONAL work and used simply for entertainment, it is fine, heck, I'm a Christian and have read 5 of the books. but if you beleive the books of Harry Potter are real life stories, you got more problems going on. And yes, there are those that practice wikka, that is a fact of life.

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    Every one should know there is no such thing as witches and witchcraft out there. I love Harry Potter and the movies and I think it's a stuiped thing to burn the books

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    Yes they are teaching children witchcraft. There was a little girl who lived around here (where I live) who was reading harry potter and thought if she took her toy broom she could fly off the roof of her house...well she didn't. She jumped to her death thinking she would be able to fly like harry potter.

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    No. The history of Harry Potter is science fiction. I don't believe in the evil of the story.

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    Only idiots who have othing better to do with their time & need a soapbox to have people pay attention to them.

    Hey it's a free world, so let them burn their books or whatever else makes them feel good, superior or whatever.

    Freedom of speech, religion & all is good so I guess they can do as they please as long as their not infringing on anyone else's FREEDOMS.

    As for The DeVinci Code**** It's a movie derived from a book nothing more & everyone has a right to whatever they think of it..

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