will boys respect me for my values?

i know if they don't they're not worth it... but, i work at a summer sports camp and im the only girl there who wears skirts and i have a policy against touching other boys... (its a religious thing- you wouldn't get it...) there are other girls around- girls who dress skimpier and have nothing against physical contact. does that mean that buys just wont bother with me- like they won't even think twice about me cuz of those reasons/values??

and tell me the truth- i wont get insulted! lol...


i really didnt mean the "you wouldn't get it" in an arrogant way!!! i just meant that to someone on the "outside" who isn't used to it might think it's very bizarre- cuz as i wrote it it sounded pretty strange even to me- someone who's been living that way my whole life!!!!

and im not asking this question just cuz i feel like it! im asking it because people have started asking me stuff and questioning me at camp... which is pretty awkward...

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    flip the script to really answer your question...

    would you respect you without them

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    You wrote:

    "i work at a summer sports camp and im the only girl there who wears skirts and i have a policy against touching other boys... ...there are other girls around- girls who dress skimpier and have nothing against physical contact. does that mean that buys just wont bother with me- like they won't even think twice about me cuz of those reasons/values??"

    I'm glad you added that you don't want to be arrogant, because I do think that I get the religious beliefs implied by your description. Give some of us a break, we too are sincerely religious or spiritual. And if you truly believe, then G-d too you know, has one meant for you, when the time is right. So... stay by your values, and don't rush things. Communicate your doubts and hopes often to your parents or other trusted adults, like your grandmother or elders in the village or neighbourhood.

    I encourage you to be courageous and steadfast, and don't worry much what those others are doing. You seem to be on the right path already. May God continue to bless you.

    Source(s): The Bible The Mishnah The Torah The Teachings of the Buddha
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    When you make up your mind to be a virtuous person, you will always find the world berating you in some way. That is why you need to hold to your values and morals and know you are right, they are wrong. If boys don't give you a second look because they are attracted to girls dressed like ho's, then that tells you a lot about those boys...not worth the time.

    I am an adult and I have morals and values, I dress appropriately and don't sleep with men. Some people think that is just weird, I think they are brainwashed into thinking having respect for yourself is wrong. How sad.

    Be strong, hold on to what is important to you, no matter what anyone says or does. God will reward you.

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    It's hard to say for certain how boys will react. Some of the boys will probably respect you, and some of them probably will not understand your values. I bet there are some that probably have the same values you do and are facing the same problems because of it.

    If you want to know if they will be interested in you as a girlfriend, well....some of them might, but many probably will not. Most boys are focused on physical stuff. Even if they respect you for your beliefs, they may want contact with you anyway and decide that it's not worth trying.

    Then again, some of the boys who don't respect you will probably still want you anyway, and will think about you quite a lot!

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    Well...My...At least someone in today's times have moral values in their book!


    Don't bother what the other girls said! They would think that you are weird or question your sexual orientation...Just know that...You are right! You are a grade higher than them!

    And about the issue that "boys just won't bother with me"... Do you really need this sort of men who goes for easy targets that says...COME TO ME! or you would prefer a boy who loves you for who you really are...the whole package...including the moral values you hold? Do you know...It is the girls who have moral values that eventually get brought home to the boy's parents and whereby marriage is encouraged by the boy's parents and that this sort of marriage lasts! WHY? Because you do carry the virtue of what a lady should have!

    Source(s): Moral values! I am glad it still exists in today's society! Keep It UP!
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    depends on how old you are, how old the boys are, and if they're fellow workers or if they're participants.

    also, it depends on what kind of physical contact you're talking about. if you're ok with hugs, but nothing beyond that, then i don't see many problems, most guys who just want to be your friend are cool with it ending there.

    however, if you don't go as far as hugging guys, then i will say that most of them will not approach you. they'll either a) be scared of offending you, or b) think you're a prude and not the type of person they want to hang out with.

    if you are a worker, you should not be having physical contact with the campers anyway, and that's on a professional level.

    but if your personal policy is "hands off", then honestly, you will probably not have too many guy friends there. the most likely chance for you to make friends is if some of the guys have the same religious convictions as you do.

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    No it does not mean that. By saying that others would not get "a religious thing" is kinda sad. My guess is that your arrogance is why boys are not interested, not that you dress and act in a conservative way. Many times people are drawn to people of values-- your challenge is how do you share my values without sounding as if you are judging others.

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    The smart one may try and work around you but the lazy ones will hit on the losers that will do what they want. Be proud of your values because unlike the majority of people who favor sharing I think holding out for meaningful relations is best. When things are right You will enjoy what happens much more than those who have wasted their innocence.

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    Good for you for your values. The right ones will respect you and find it very appealing. The ones that chase after the girls with short skirts and belly shirts will not be any good for you. You said religious reasons, well let God lead the right person to you. Stand strong in your beliefs.

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    decent guys will like you for who you are, if you are worth liking.

    Some girls who are really friendly or who are attractive and dress protocatively will get a lot more attention. but if there is nothing inside worth liking, guys will get tired and move on after time.

    But dressing more conservative, staying at a greater distance and beleiving you have better values than everyone else ain't gonna get you anywhere in itself. All it will do is keep guys from getting interested for all the wrong reasons.

    You have to have something inside for someone to love. and even guys who meet girls for all the wrong reasons fall in love with them for all the right ones sometimes and live happily ever after.

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    I don't think so - because the fact that you hold your values and have self respect makes you a strong person. Just cause you are against touching other boys or don't wear skimpy clothes does not make you unattractive. In my opinions it makes you different - you stand out from the rest. and will captivate much more attention - especially since you stand firm in your believes.

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