If me and my bf buy a new home and both our names are on?

the contract for it, and I am a SAHM am I entitled to half of it (house) if we break up...he say I am not and I wont have ****.

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    I would definetly talk to a lawyer before you get into a contract. But I think that if you are joint owners then you both own the house just not him. Same goes for a business, just because business partners are not married doesn't mean that they both aren't entitled to the business

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    It depends on where you live and on their laws governing community property. I know that here in TX that if two people are both on the house contract, then each person in responsible for the payments and if the couple breaks up, each person is entitled to half of the house or the proceeds from selling the house. For more acurate information, you would need to find out how your state sees community property and what requirements there are for being protected under the law.

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    If your name is on ANY contract you are entiteld to half. If your name is on the house and you have a child and you split up you can take him to court and have him removed from the contract, keep in mind that YOU will be responsible for the house payments though...or you can have him BUY you out of your half of the house. He obviously knows nothing about contractual law...which can work in your favor later on.

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    You should see a lawyer. You should see one BEFORE you buy a house. He doesn't sound like much of a man, either.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you both are on the title as Joint owners. Yes you are. Call an attorney

    Source(s): Sold real estate for 4 years. Real Estate investor.
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