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do dachshunds have chronic back problems?

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    Yes, more than any other breed for obvious reasons. They should not be allowed to jump off beds or couches.

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    intervertebral disk disease is the dachshunds most well known disorder about a quarter of all dachshunds will develope ivdd it occurs most often when they are between 3 and seven years old u can tell by sore neck and back and by the way they hold there neck and walk which can lead to paralysis but some can be helped with just pain medication it also says not to allow them to jump off of high places like beds and couches if ur dog has early signs and u can catch it quick enough it can be treated with medication and rest so get him/her to the vet good luck i hope everything turns out well for ur dog

    Source(s): the dachshund handbook also try
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    Health Problems

    Prone to spinal disc problems (Dachshund paralysis) and can develop heart disease, urinary tract problems, and diabetes. Dachshunds have a tendency to become overweight and lazy. This is a serious health risk, putting added strain on the back.

  • Keep your dog thin! I had one that got fat, his back went when he was 3 and we had to put him down. My girl has one now, we keep him very thin, not so much that he does not have energy or is unhealthy, just a little below normal. He just turned 5 and is in great health. That is what you need to do, also make sure he does not jump off things that are high or go up and down stairs often, also strains their back. Good luck, and Please, don't let what happened to me happen to you!

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    Many do. They are so long in the back that the vertabra are weak and if you let them get fat it is very hard on their backs.

    Keep them at a trim weight and do not let them jump down from things. That tends to minimize the stree on the back.

    Source(s): My best friend breeds them.
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    Yes, they are also prone to weight problems and cataracts as they age.

    Source(s): I've owned 3.
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    dauschunds are known to have many more problems than that. i have that dog named juicy fruit. juicy fruit is dapple and let me tell you, he's the best little man that i've ever had!!

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    They can get them more easily than other dogs.

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