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How do you turn on your computer fan?

Thank you to all of you who helped me come to the conclusion that the problem with my laptop crashing might be the overheating. I was advised that i needed to get the fan running. Only one thing- I dont know how to do so.

I appreciate your help once again...

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    There is no manual switch to turn on a fan. However, there are two other ways to turn it on at a preset temperature. In the BIOS settings, you can change the temperature at which you want the fan to turn on. For example, instead of the fan turning on at 60 Celsius, set it to start at 55 Celsius. In order to change BIOS settings, you have to press the [Delete] key during the boot process. This will open the BIOS setup. Browse the setup and find the setting for turning on the fan. It appears at different places depending on which BIOS your computer uses.

    A second option is to install SpeedFan. SpeedFan is a small free software program to monitor the CPU's and motherboard's temperature. You can change the fan settings without having to go in to the BIOS setup. It is really easy to use. You can download it at:

    You can visit the forum to see what other people have to say about the program. (

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    There are several issues here. First, there may be more than one fan. A processor fan usually only comes on when you are doing some heavy computing such as using a compiler or playing a 3d game. That one will be quiet and hard to know if it came on at all unless you have seen one operating. Some laptops do not have a processor fan.

    Next, the main fans on many laptops only come on if the thermal sensor (thermostat) says it is hot enough to need them. This saves battery, and reduces noise irritation. If the sensor is defective, or if it is measuring in an area not overheating, then the fans will not come on. It might be that a part of your computer not near the sensor is getting hot.

    The fans themselves, or their power supply may be defective.

    Your laptop may not have a fan. This is not common.

    And finally, some fans are very quiet. Are you sure they are not coming on?

    This is assuming your laptop is malfunctioning because it is actually overheating and not another problem.

    Is your keyboard warm? Does the bottom of it heat your lap more than you like?

    You can help your computer perform better with less heat by ensuring there is good airflow underneath it. Don't use it on a blanket (bed), cushion, or even lap (yes, I know it is called a "lap" top--thus the change to calling them notebooks) because it restricts airflow.

    If you cannot solve your problem with a repair, there are external coolers you can buy, with fans in them. Some expensive ones even have Peltier cooling devices to refrigerate your computer.

    I hope you solve this problem and have many happy computing hours thereafter.

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    You can't turn on your pc fan bc it should be automatic! I've been around computers all my life! I haven't run across a pc where you have to personally turn on the fan yourself! You may have to get it looked at or repaired! There may be software you can download to test your laptop fan! The guts of a laptop are crammed into such a small, cramped space, that the cooling fan is absolutely critical. A replacement laptop fan and heat pipe should cost well under $50, you may even get by with a generic fan replacement for a few bucks, but the job is fairly involved and differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. If the fan never comes on, unless you're working in a freezer, it's probably dead. GL!

    Source(s): Scroll down until you see "Laptop Fan Failure" HOPE IT HELPS!!
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    Its automatic mechanism. Like our heartbeat, no control over it. The fan should always keep running inorder to keep the lap top cool. There is no such button which allows you to switch off or on the fan. Incase its not functioning, get it replaced immediately.

    DO NOT use your laptop without fan or else you will end up screwing up your hard drive, processors etc. I dont even recommend you to open your laptop to check the status fan, as I suppose you are not technically aware of the functionings of the systems.

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    WHAT fan ? The power supply fan or the CPU fan? I bet it's the power supply since you obviously still have a computer. If it were the CPU fan you'd have fried it by now. NO fan should ever NOT be working when the computer is on. Get it fixed now.... the moment you are done reading this, turn it off and take it to repair unless you want to fry it.

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    The fan runs automatically, unless something is wrong with the power to it. If you're near a Best buy store, take it in and let the 'Geek Squad' tell you if the fan is running or not...should be free for a quick look.

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    If it doesn't come on automatically when you turn on the laptop, you may need it repaired. If there is any way to get some canned air and clean it out ( I've never owned a laptop) that may help a lot. Good luck.

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    the thing with laptops is, the fan is too small to properly keep the unit cool, and the case around ur hardware is to small as well and doesnt allow for proper ventilation even when the fan is running, however there is a solution for this , for around 40 buxxs at walmart, office maxx, staples, best buy etc, its called a laptop cooling fan, u sit ur laptop on it it keeps it cool , it also has handy plug in spaces for othe electrical outlets

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    you should use a can of compressed air to sparkling out the airborne dirt and dust contained in the fan. If the noise retains after cleansing it then that is likely from wiped out bearings contained in the fan. replace the fan, extremely if that's the single on accurate of the CPU, or you likely will finally end up having to interchange the CPU and motherboard. It in ordinary words takes some seconds after the CPU fan stops to reason extreme harm to the board and CPU

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    SMPS fan switches on by itself every time u start the Sys.

    Processor fan switches on by itself only ehen thje Processor gets overheated.

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