My Kia Rio 2002 ....?

Today I was driving around in 98 degree weather and my A/C starts shooting out hot air. I just happened to glance at my temperature gauge and it was sky rocketing up. So I turned off my a/c (because it was unbearable) and miraculously the temperature gauge started to go back down to normal. Well still driving on my way home, I stop at a red light and it starts rising again, this time a/c is off. I saw another yahoo question similar to this and she/he said it was the fan motor. I'm not sure if this is similar ... please help me out. I'm a broke college kid and I can't afford to get swindled by some mechanic trying to make a quick buck off some girl.


ok so everyone agrees it's my thermostat that needs to be replaced, i had one very nice guy im me earlier who walked me through some troubleshooting, i'd just like to say thanks, didn't get his name : ( but i'm going to buy this thermometer and see how my car likes it ^_^ thanks everyone!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    replace the thermostat it sounds like it is sticking closed and not letting enough coolant into the engine

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