I am a SAHM and my bf thinks this is not a job.?

Yes sure I have a roof over my head and food in the fridge, but I miss having CASH in my pocket.

I feel like a baby and not an adult when I am around him.

I am like his mother and I already have a toddler!

I am sick of his ****, I dont get paid enough to be in this hell of a relationship.

Are their any men who really appreciate the SAHM wifes?

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    Being a stay at home mom is a full time job. But you just don't get paid for it. I always told myself that I want to be able to raise my kids and not pay someone else to do it for me. Have you ever thought about babysitting in your own home? Then you can be a stay at home mom and earn a little money as well. Just some food for though.

    Hope this helps~

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    Being a SAHM is DEFINATELY a job. If there were no SAHM to take care of the kids, keep house clean, keep food on the table, and keep the bills paid, then the dads would be going crazy. If you don't like the relationship you are in, then please leave. Don't put your toddler through the heartache that will come one day if things end up badly. There are alot of guys who really appreciate SAHM and wifes. My fiance had to take care of his children for the past 3 years without any help. When we met, he left it up to me whether I would be a SAHM or not. When he comes home from work, it is my down time. He takes the childcare over. Since he has had to deal with raising the kids by himself, he respects and even looks up to women who are SAHM. Is there any way you could get a part time job? Or do you know any families around you that might need a babysitter during the day while hubby is at work? That would be an easy way to make some money.

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    Everything a SAHM does for her family is worth $75,000/year if we were being paid. Most men don't understand this since they are usually the "bread winners" in the family. How would he feel if the rolls were reversed and YOU were out there working and he was at home taking care of the house and kids?

    I was finally able to get my husband to understand. I work nights and he works days (it also saves on childcare expenses). Luckily, I also have insomnia most nights/days so I'm home for the kids' activities.

    Go get a part-time night job and let him take care of the baby. He'll see some of what you go through real quick.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Mom of two girls (16 & 13) and two boys (6 & 1)
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    Raising a child and running a household is a job, and is the hardest one you could ever have. Personally, I have a lot of respect for you and all of the other SAHM's out there, and you deserve recognition for all that you do.

    It sounds like your husband should walk a few days in your shoes and realize how much you do for him. Maybe you could plan a weekend with a girlfriend and leave your child with Dad. See how he likes cooking, cleaning and watching a child all day and all night with no breaks.

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    Yes, there are men out there who will appreciate you and will

    help you with what you need. Whether it be getting a part time

    job, for your own money. Or simply to have other adults to

    relate to. I think you should tell your bf that you want HIM to

    stay at home all day with the kids, while you go wherever...

    He needs to exprerience how YOU feel, staying home all day

    taking care of a child (ren) in order for him to gain empathy.

    He just sounds like a jerk who is inconsiderate.

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    It is a job 24/7 that no one gives you any credit for. You give up yourself to make sure your children are raised properly. That sacrifice is never respected by anyone. Least of all the father's of the children you are raising. In my opinion, a man should worship a woman who is willing to give birth to his child and then sacrifice herself to raise his child properly not to degrade and disrespect her. It does not appear that your boyfriend appreciates you at all. But the wonderful thing about boyfriends is that they are not husbands. You can get rid of them sooooooooo much easier. You will always have a connection through your child but you deserve better and boyfriends are meant to be left. Especially, if they break your spirit. You are your child's example..do not forget that .

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    i do , but it is not a job , it is a responsibility due to having kids regardless if your a man or woman . A job pays money , i am not sexist , a stay at home dad isn't a job either

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    If you're not married, leave.

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