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How do native Spanish speakers say "refill" in Spanish, as in a refill for a prescription?

I already know what the dictionary says, so I'd appreciate answers from native Spanish speakers as to what terminology is used. I usually hear people say "se acabo mi medicina, necesito mas" or something like that rather than using a specific word.

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    repetir o rellenar el medicamento as it says in the bottle prescribed by the doctor:

    repetir means repeat.

    rellenar means refill.

    fill = llenar re-fill = re-llenar.

    i hope i answer your question i know is accurate

    i traveled to all countries in central America and most in south America and this is the right way to ask for a refill

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    Prescription In Spanish

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    I think they might ask for a repeat... a lot of other places don't use a "refill prescription" they use a "repeat prescription"

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    At least in Mexico, most drugs do not require a doctor's prescription. So you'd just ask for what you want.

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    Uno mas prescriptiono por favor!

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    llenar-i'm fluent in 4 languages besides english

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    no hablo como nativo, pero "renovar" o "recambiar" pueden sirvir

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    Hurry up....'i' haven't got all DAY...!!!!...///..LOL....

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