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i cant find my dog, ....................... :(?

ok, about 2 months ago, my dog disapeared, she was kinda like a shrimp, but not that small, i really hope she didnt get ran over, but we are all thinking that someone called the pound on her. do u think they will do that to my other dogs, what should i do to keep them safe? i use to live in the middle of no where and now people have been building and moving in, they are all getting freaked out about my dogs. they seriously wouldnt hurt anyone

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    I am not a dog owner, but it may help if you put a ID collar on them.that way they wouldnt look like a stray.

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    I'm sorry you lost your dog! Have you tried calling the pound to see if your dog is there?

    You can't really keep other people from calling your dogs in. However you can probably keep your dogs from wandering around. That's the only way I see keeping them safe....some type of fence- invisible, barbed wire, chain length, split rail, ect...

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    well you could put up a fence and secure it to make sure they cant get out.....or get a shock color and shock them if they try to get dog gets out alot cause he squeezes through the fence and sometimes he pulls the fence open him self..1 of our other dogs got out 2 yrs. ago and some1 took him we were very sad so the best thing for you to do is to stay outside with them if you have a fence and make sure they don't go out.

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    You should put a tag collar so the person who has it can call you.

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    keep them locked up and put that new chip in the the pound checks for them.

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    i agree you should put a tag on its collar

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