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How to be an Internationally football player?

My dream is to be a football player, but I dont know exactly what are the ncessary requirments. I would really apriciate it if you gave me the correct answer.

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    You didn't mention your age, so it is difficult to be specific. So, here's a general plan.

    1) Play (youth) club soccer at the highest level possble for you.

    2) Play in every tournament you can.

    3) Attend every practice, clinic, and camp that you can. When you select a camp, choose the ones that run by coaches with international experience. First day, foul someone hard to get noticed. Then play your best but behave well.

    4) At every opportunity, have a ball at your feet working on your basic skills. You can always improve.

    5) Attend a soccer academy as your primary school. See the links below.

    6) Never stop working to improve your game.

    7) Be clear with all of your coaches and trainers about your goals and ask for their help in making contacts.

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    Well u have 2 b good at football 2 start off with and then if u get scouted u r lucky.

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