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Can a woman be too trusting? Male responders only please.?

As many would probably agree, trust is perhaps the most important element in any relationship (romantic or platonic). With that said, guys, do you think that women can sometimes be a bit too trusting of you? Yes, I know that sounds a bit ridiculous--I mean, hey, you can never have too much trust--but I am very serious. I only ask because it seems that--at least in my experience--when a woman has the utmost trust in her mate, he takes it for granted. What do you think and would you prefer 1) a woman who allows you to live on your own (meaning, a woman who does not want to be the center of your universe and allows you your own time), or 2) a woman with a slight jealous streak that keeps a close eye on you?

(By the way, I am woman numero uno. Slowly but surely, however, I feel as if I am turning into woman number 2!)

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    give the guy more space

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    yes as u ( and i felt that u r trusting from ur choosing to ur avatar and cuze u asked this question)

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