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effects of pet birds on interstitial lung desiese?

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    pet lover is correct. parrot fever as its called is a fungal type disease. there are other bird related diseases caused by bacteria or viruses. all are treatable, some have residual effects afterward. some can return given the right circumstances.

    your question sounds like you already have been diagnosed with an interstitial lung disease and want to know if a pet bird can cause more trouble. if that is what you are asking then what has been said is already true but could be more important to you because your immune system may be compromised.

    most pet birds allowed in the USA are free of these diseases and not to worry. its the wild birds, and farm raised communities of birds that may give you trouble.

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    Psittacosis can cause pneumonia in humans. It is usually spread from Parrots.

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    u can get bird flue from them

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