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Do old cockatiels lose their feathers?

he is almost ten and slowly losing chest /under wing feathers

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    10 years is not really old for a healthy Cockatiel . If he is losing them under his wing he may have a dietary problem. If you can you may want to check with your Vet to find out how your bird's health is. I have seen a 24 year old Teil that had all it's feathers. But bird who are sick, or are on a poor diet will lose it's feathers especially under the wings.

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    All birds.. and particularly cockatiels molt during certain times of the year and that could be the problem you are having. I have seen some that, for some reason, molt a LOT of their feathers.

  • barus
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    4 years ago

    i'm questioning you're purely close to to the authentic age of the fowl. till you took it out of the nest, you purely have someone's' note about the age. it continually sounds extra acceptable to assert the fowl is youthful. that is why I continually logged hatch dates. fantastically with cockatiels, you truly do not understand till you log it, what date which one hatched. Having stated all this, you fowl sounds like that is dealing with a molt and also you truly have not something to fret about. even as the recent tail feathers are available, leaf by skill of a mild source and see if there are bars by skill of the tail, which factor out a woman. interior the interim, watch the fowl heavily. they don't seem resistant to inherited diseases. youthful ones can get slightly clumsy and lose feathers too so attempt now to not fret. I favor we had some thanks to get comments on Yahoo. i'd like to carry close how that tail is provided in and how your fowl is doing. good success, regardless.

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    Extremely old cockatiels can start losing feathers, yes. However, your cockatiel is not extremely old by any means -- he is middle aged or so. It's likely he's just moulting, however, if you suspect that he's plucking his feathers (an avian neurosis), please get him to an avian certified vetrinarian as soon as possible. You can search for one here:

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  • Treece
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    He may be unhappy and's kind of like self-mutilation. I HIGHLY doubt that they loose feathers do too old age because in the wild they need their feathers to fly, no matter how old they are. Give him toys, and plenty of attention, and time out of his cage.

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    6 months to 18 months depends on the bird mine is 7 months old and hasnt molted yet.

    make sure to get molting foood and spray when he does start !

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    my birds loose their feathers too, i dont think it something to really worry about

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