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do you know the difference between guilt and shame?

Please, DO NOT give me an answer from a text book or a definition site! i already know the answer, i was wondering if you did.

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    Shame is after you are guilty of something..

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    Guilt and shame are different sides of the same feeling. Both are highly overrated. Guilt is a feeling of having done something a person feels is wrong. Shame is preceiving that others believe that you have done something wrong. Some feel that guilt shows that you have your heart in the right place, but just messed up. You do not need guilt to be a good mother, partner, worker, human being. Judgements of right and wrong get in the way of seeing things realistically so that you can do the next thing. When you discover the need behind the feeling of guilt or shame, "I need to feel accepted, I need to accept myself" you can then see that there are many ways of meeting that need. When basic needs are met you can be stronger to help yourself and others live a wonderful life.

    Source(s): 75 years of childhood, motherhood, wifehood, grandmotherhood, church goer and practice in nonviolent communication or NVC
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    well, first of all, there is the way that they are spelled.

    guilt has a legal definition, shame does not.

    guilt as an emotion implies a personal responsibility for the condition producing the guilty feeling. shame does not necessarily do so. for instance, i may feel guilty for giving you a smart-assed answer above, but my mother couldn't feel guilty for it. however, she could feel shame that her son chose to be a smart-***

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    In my own words guilt is a feeling you get from being wrong, untruthfull, or unexceptable. Shame is an outlook onto others in the fact they have done something wrong, untruthfull, unexceptable.

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    Guilt is when you feel bad about something you did. Shame is when you are embarrassed about it.

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    To me, guilt is caused from knowing that you intentionally did something wrong. Shame is caused from having something bad done to you, or unintentionally doing something wrong to others.

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    guilt is when you've done something wrong and then decide to tell someone because you feel bad about doing it and not telling. shame is doing something bad and everybody knows and it puts you down and you feel bad about doing it ,and you have to live with it everyday.

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    I was going to post the exact same answer as #one.

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