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13th Birthday Party?

My birthday hasn't always been so fun. So my sister decided that since I am turning a teen soon that I should have my own party. What should I do though. I've never had a party before. And I know it's summer and all but i live Wichita, Kansas. I'm learning that there isn't much to do in Kansas. I'm not really into swimming so not a swimming party. Plus all my friends have already had swimming parties. I want it to be original. This is my last year in Kansas (thank you, Lord) so I want people to remember me. Well, I'm a girl if u didn't figure out yet and I can only invite girls. Please help me. Thanks. Best answer gets 10 points, of course.

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    Go grab a daytrip guide to Kansas. Pick an unusual spot outside of Wichita to take you and your girlfriends. How about a party at a local stable? Up for an afternoon of riding? Kansas has all kinds of possiblities. ONLY YOU LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF FUN YOU CAN HAVE ANYWHERE.....

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    Have a spa party. Go to the dollar store and get mud masks and makeup and nail polish, then you can all give eachother facials and makeovers. Play some good music and maybe order pizza or something.

  • I think that you should have a big slumber party! xp well atleast I would If I were you and I you should have it be both pool party and slumber! It would be funnn!

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