what country has most military base in the world???

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    Yeah its the U.S. here's a list which doesn't include secret military bases:

    Major American Military Bases World-Wide

    Service Location Installation Name

    Air Force Germany Geilenkirchen AB

    Air Force Germany Ramstein AB

    Air Force Germany Rhein-Main AB

    Air Force Germany Spangdahlem AB

    Air Force Italy Aviano AB

    Air Force Japan Kadena AB

    Air Force Japan Misawa AB

    Air Force Japan Yokota AB

    Air Force Portugal Lajes Field

    Air Force Saudi Arabia US Military Training Mission

    Air Force South Korea Kunsan AB

    Air Force South Korea Osan Air Base

    Air Force Turkey Incirlik AB

    Air Force Turkey Izmir AS

    Air Force United Kingdom RAF Lakenheath

    Air Force United Kingdom RAF Mildenhall

    Air Force United Kingdom RAF Molesworth

    Air Force USA Altus AFB

    Air Force USA Andrews AFB

    Air Force USA Arnold AFB

    Air Force USA Barksdale AFB

    Air Force USA Beale AFB

    Air Force USA Bolling AFB/AF Pentagon

    Air Force USA Brooks AFB

    Air Force USA Buckley ANG

    Air Force USA Cannon AFB

    Air Force USA Charleston AFB

    Air Force USA Clear AS

    Air Force USA Columbus AFB

    Air Force USA Davis-Monthan AFB

    Air Force USA Dover AFB

    Air Force USA Dyess AFB

    Air Force USA Edwards AFB

    Air Force USA Eglin AFB

    Air Force USA Eielson AFB

    Air Force USA Ellsworth Air Force Base

    Air Force USA Elmendorf AFB

    Air Force USA F. E. Warren AFB

    Air Force USA Fairchild AFB

    Air Force USA Goodfellow AFB

    Air Force USA Grand Forks AFB

    Air Force USA Grissom ARB

    Air Force USA Hanscom AFB

    Air Force USA Hickam AFB

    Air Force USA Hill AFB

    Air Force USA Holloman AFB

    Air Force USA Hurlburt Field

    Air Force USA Keesler AFB

    Air Force USA Kelly AFB

    Air Force USA Kirtland Air Force Base

    Air Force USA Lackland AFB

    Air Force USA Langley AFB

    Air Force USA Laughlin AFB

    Air Force USA Little Rock AFB

    Air Force USA Los Angeles AFB

    Air Force USA Luke AFB

    Air Force USA MacDill AFB

    Air Force USA Malmstrom AFB

    Air Force USA March AFB

    Air Force USA Maxwell-Gunter AFB

    Air Force USA McChord AFB

    Air Force USA McClellan AFB

    Air Force USA McConnell AFB

    Air Force USA McGuire AFB

    Air Force USA Minot AFB

    Air Force USA Moody AFB

    Air Force USA Mountain Home AFB

    Air Force USA NAS JRB New Orleans

    Air Force USA Nellis AFB

    Air Force USA Offutt AFB

    Air Force USA Patrick AFB

    Air Force USA Peterson AFB

    Air Force USA Pope AFB

    Air Force USA Randolph AFB

    Air Force USA Robins AFB

    Air Force USA Schriever AFB

    Air Force USA Scott AFB

    Air Force USA Seymour Johnson AFB

    Air Force USA Shaw AFB

    Air Force USA Sheppard AFB

    Air Force USA Tinker AFB

    Air Force USA Travis AFB

    Air Force USA Tyndall AFB

    Air Force USA USAF Academy

    Air Force USA Vance AFB

    Air Force USA Vandenberg AFB

    Air Force USA Whiteman AFB

    Air Force USA Wright-Patterson AFB

    Air Force USA: Guam Andersen AFB

    Army Belgium NATO-Brussels

    Army Belgium Shape-Chievres

    Army Germany Ansbach

    Army Germany Bad Aibling Station

    Army Germany Bad Kreuznach

    Army Germany Bamberg

    Army Germany Baumholder

    Army Germany Darmstadt

    Army Germany Friedberg/Giessen Depot

    Army Germany Garmisch AST

    Army Germany Giebelstadt Army Airfield

    Army Germany Grafenwoehr

    Army Germany Hanau

    Army Germany Heidelberg

    Army Germany Hohenfels

    Army Germany Illesheim

    Army Germany Kaiserslautern

    Army Germany Kitzingen

    Army Germany Mannheim

    Army Germany Schweinfurt

    Army Germany Stuttgart

    Army Germany US Army Europe

    Army Germany Vilseck (Rose Barracks)

    Army Germany Wiesbaden

    Army Germany Wuerzburg

    Army Italy Livorno

    Army Italy Vicenza

    Army Japan Camp Zama

    Army Japan Torii Station

    Army Netherlands Schinnen

    Army South Korea Camp Casey

    Army South Korea Camp Henry-Taegu

    Army South Korea Camp Hialeah-Pusan

    Army South Korea Camp Humphreys

    Army South Korea Yongsan

    Army United Kingdom RAF Menwith Hill

    Army USA Aberdeen Proving Ground

    Army USA Anniston Army Depot

    Army USA Carlisle Barracks

    Army USA Charles M Price Supt. Center

    Army USA Devens Reserve Training Area

    Army USA DLI FLC Presidio-Monterey

    Army USA Dugway Proving Ground

    Army USA Fort Belvoir

    Army USA Fort Benning

    Army USA Fort Bliss

    Army USA Fort Bragg

    Army USA Fort Buchanan

    Army USA Fort Campbell

    Army USA Fort Carson

    Army USA Fort Detrick

    Army USA Fort Dix

    Army USA Fort Drum

    Army USA Fort Eustis

    Army USA Fort Gordon

    Army USA Fort Greely

    Army USA Fort Hamilton

    Army USA Fort Hood

    Army USA Fort Huachuca

    Army USA Fort Irwin

    Army USA Fort Jackson

    Army USA Fort Knox

    Army USA Fort Leavenworth

    Army USA Fort Lee

    Army USA Fort Leonard Wood

    Army USA Fort Lewis

    Army USA Fort McCoy

    Army USA Fort McPherson

    Army USA Fort Meade

    Army USA Fort Monmouth

    Army USA Fort Monroe

    Army USA Fort Myer

    Army USA Fort Polk

    Army USA Fort Richardson

    Army USA Fort Riley

    Army USA Fort Rucker

    Army USA Fort Sam Houston

    Army USA Fort Sill

    Army USA Fort Stewart

    Army USA Fort Story

    Army USA Fort Wainwright

    Army USA HQ South Com

    Army USA Hunter Army Airfield

    Army USA McAlester Army Ammo Depot

    Army USA Picatinny Arsenal

    Army USA Pine Bluff Arsenal

    Army USA Red River Army Depot

    Army USA Redstone Arsenal

    Army USA Rock Island Arsenal

    Army USA Schofield/Shafter

    Army USA Soldier Systems Center-Natick

    Army USA Tobyhanna Army Depot

    Army USA Tooele Army Depot

    Army USA West Point

    Army USA US Army Recruiting Command

    Army USA Walter Reed Medical Center

    Army USA Watervliet Arsenal

    Army USA White Sands Missile Range

    Army USA Yuma Proving Ground

    Coast Guard USA USCG Elizabeth City

    Coast Guard USA USCG Hampton Roads

    Coast Guard USA USCG ISC Honolulu

    Coast Guard USA USCG ISC Kodiak

    Coast Guard USA USCG Juneau

    Coast Guard USA USCG Ketchikan

    Coast Guard USA USCG Miami

    Coast Guard USA USCG SITKA

    Coast Guard USA USCG TRACEN Petaluma

    Coast Guard USA USCG Training Center Yorktown

    Defense Logistics Agency USA Battle Creek Federal Center

    Defense Logistics Agency USA Defense Depot Susquehanna Pennsylvania

    Defense Logistics Agency USA Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin

    Defense Logistics Agency USA Defense Supply Center Columbus

    Defense Logistics Agency USA Defense Supply Center Philadelphia

    Defense Logistics Agency USA Defense Supply Center Richmond

    Marine Corps Japan Camp S D Butler

    Marine Corps Japan MCAS Iwakuni

    Marine Corps USA Camp Lejeune

    Marine Corps USA Camp Pendleton

    Marine Corps USA Henderson Hall

    Marine Corps USA MCAGCC 29 Palms

    Marine Corps USA MCAS Beaufort

    Marine Corps USA MCAS Cherry Point

    Marine Corps USA MCAS Miramar

    Marine Corps USA MCAS New River

    Marine Corps USA MCAS Yuma

    Marine Corps USA MCBH Kaneohe Bay

    Marine Corps USA MCLB Albany

    Marine Corps USA MCLB Barstow

    Marine Corps USA MCRD Parris Island

    Marine Corps USA MCRD San Diego

    Marine Corps USA MCSA, MCRSC, 9th MCD, 24th MAR, Kansas City

    Marine Corps USA Quantico

    Navy Bahrain NSA Bahrain

    Navy Cuba NS Guantanamo Bay

    Navy Diego Garcia NSF Diego Garcia

    Navy Greece NSA Souda Bay

    Navy Iceland NAS Keflavik

    Navy Italy NAS Sigonella

    Navy Italy NSA Gaeta

    Navy Italy NSA La Maddalena

    Navy Italy NSA Naples

    Navy Japan FLTACT Sasebo

    Navy Japan NAF Atsugi

    Navy Japan Yokosuka

    Navy South Korea COMFLEACTS Chinhae

    Navy Spain NS Rota

    Navy United Kingdom JMF St. Mawgan

    Navy United Kingdom US Naval Activities, London

    Navy USA COMNAVREG (Oahu)

    Navy USA FCTCLANT Dam Neck

    Navy USA NAB Little Creek

    Navy USA NAS Atlanta

    Navy USA NAS Brunswick

    Navy USA NAS Corpus Christi

    Navy USA NAS Fallon

    Navy USA NAS Jacksonville

    Navy USA NAS JRB Fort Worth

    Navy USA NAS JRB Willow Grove

    Navy USA NAS Key West

    Navy USA NAS Kingsville

    Navy USA NAS Lemoore

    Navy USA NAS Meridian

    Navy USA NAS North Island (NAB Coronado)

    Navy USA NAS Oceana

    Navy USA NAS Pensacola

    Navy USA NAS Pt Mugu

    Navy USA NAS Whidbey Island

    Navy USA NAS Whiting Field

    Navy USA Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst

    Navy USA NAS Patuxent River

    Navy USA Naval Base Point Loma

    Navy USA Naval Postgraduate School

    Navy USA Naval Shipyard Portsmouth

    Navy USA Naval Station Bremerton

    Navy USA Naval Station Ingleside

    Navy USA Naval Station Newport

    Navy USA Naval Station Norfolk

    Navy USA Naval Station San Diego

    Navy USA Naval Support Unit, Saratoga Springs

    Navy USA Naval Weapons Station Earle

    Navy USA Naval Weapons Station Yorktown

    Navy USA NAVDIST Wash DC

    Navy USA NAVY Fort Meade

    Navy USA NCBC Gulfport

    Navy USA NCBC Port Hueneme

    Navy USA NCSS Panama City

    Navy USA NS Barking Sands

    Navy USA NS Everett

    Navy USA NS Mayport

    Navy USA NS Pascagoula

    Navy USA NS Roosevelt Roads

    Navy USA NSA Mid - South

    Navy USA NSA New Orleans

    Navy USA NSB Bangor


    Navy USA NSB New London

    Navy USA NSGA Northwest

    Navy USA NSWCDD Dahlgren

    Navy USA NTC Great Lakes

    Navy USA NTTC Corry Station

    Navy USA NWS Charleston

    Navy USA NWS China Lake

    Navy USA Surface Combat Systems Center, Wallops Island

    Navy USA US Naval Academy Annapolis

    Navy USA: Guam USN Forces Marianas

    That is one impressive list.... we have more military bases than all the other countries in Europe combined.

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  • 1 decade ago

    United States

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have been around the world 11 times and been to 82 countries. The US by far has the most bases. Some are not US bases but are being used by the US. Rota Spain is a Spanish base run by the Spanish, but we are there. Diego Garcia, the footprint of freedom, is a coconut plantation (UK) also known as (BIOT). British Indian Ocean Territory. We have many bases but they are not all ours.

  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    There are already overseas militia bases contained in the U. S.. NORAD is a joint US/Canadian Base. The German Air protection college is in El Paso, tx Plus, the U. S. has no bases in international places, that do not favor them. If a rustic would not want a US base, all they might want to do, is ask the U. S. to leave. the U. S. hasn't ever refused to leave and close a base in the previous.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Probably the United States.

  • HHH
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    1 decade ago

    USA i live in england and am always seeing american planes coming in to thier base a few miles away

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    USA they even have some here in Australia

  • 1 decade ago

    I would assume it's the U.S. since everyone expects the U.S. to protect them from evil and unstable dictators.

  • 1 decade ago


  • 1 decade ago

    usa... duh!

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