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Why does the media refuse to use the term evolution when referring to viral mutagenesis/adaptation?

In the case of avian influenza (H5N1), the virus evolves through spontaneous mutations of its eight genomic segments, in addition to rearrangements of the segments with related influenza strains within a suitable mixing vessel such as a pig. Most often, these gross genetic changes are deleterious to the mutant virus, however, certain variants acquire an enhanced ability to replicate in new species (zoonosis). This dramatic paradigm typifies natural selection and the theory of evolution. However, when media outlets report on emerging infectious diseases, they often skirt the term evolution for more diplomatic words such as adaptation or changes... Why?

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    mathematician hit the nail on the head.

    You are right we can observe evolution every single day in bacterial as well as viral populations. Ever heard of drug resistant bacteria? Think that proves Darwin right? IT DOES!!!!!


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    The evolution of traits of rare and small mutations

    for an ecological model with a fixed point equilibrium

    equilibruium occurs as a derivative of 1/2 mu sigma square ( the deviation or variance) in relation to the fitness of the bacteria and the population size

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    :-) . This question is way above my pay grade!

    However, the underlying issue is fairly simple. Media outlets, like other larger corporations, are afraid to go against organized religion for fear of retribution. Heck, we still have people trying to have evolution references removed from txt books!

    Good luck on getting your issue clarified for the masses.

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    Because the reporters aren't smart enough to make the connection? Because their audiences don't want to know of the connection? Because they don't want to stir the political waters while getting out a public health message? Because they are more afraid of losing money than they are of giving a false view of the world?

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    the media depends on it's viewers to make money. if they upset people by using the term evolution they might loose viewers and then loose advertisers. it's all about the money.

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    Its just so inconvenient for the bigots when you prove god does not exist. Could you stop doing it please. Or we will have to set homeland security on you.

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