Best Cell phone service? t-mobile, sprint, cingular, nextel, verizon, u.s. celluar?? which is the best? why?

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    Wireless Service Consumer Ratings

    Find Out Who's the Best Wireless Carrier in Your Area

    To help consumers compare wireless carrier services, we show the results of two customer survey studies by J.D. Power and Associates and Consumers Union.

    J.D. Power and Associates Rankings

    According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2005 U.S. Wireless Regional Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) StudySM released in September 2005, overall satisfaction performance with wireless service providers has decreased 10 percent over 2004, the biggest year-over-year change since the study’s inception.

    T-Mobile performs particularly well in the study, ranking highest in all six regions (including four ties), largely by demonstrating a competitive advantage in service plan options, cost of service and billing. Verizon Wireless also ranks highest in a tie in four regions: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, North Central and West. The carrier's main strengths are in the call quality and brand image dimensions.

    The study measures customer satisfaction based on 42 specific service-related measures grouped into six key factors that impact overall wireless carrier performance. These are (in order of importance):

    * call performance and reliability (26%);

    * customer service (17%);

    * service plan options (17%);

    * brand image (14%);

    * cost of service (14%); and

    * billing (12%).

    2005 J.D. Power and Associates' Highest Customer Satisfaction Award Recipients: / Carrier Ranking in Highest Satisfaction

    (2005 Award Recipients)


    T-Mobile (tie)

    Verizon Wireless (tie)


    T-Mobile (tie)

    Verizon Wireless (tie)





    North Central

    T-Mobile (tie)

    Verizon Wireless (tie)

    U.S. Cellular (tie)


    T-Mobile (tie)

    Verizon Wireless (tie)

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    The real thing to discern is which service has strong coverage where you will use the phone the most. It doesn't make sense to have the service if it is inaccessible or unstable. And I don't care what those Cingular ads say about 'the least number of dropped calls'; that is all advertising and fancy number arranging.

    You will need to do some research on what the people around you are using. I won't even plug my service (even though I have been using the same company for 6 years) because I know you could have the same company and be on the next block and have crap service. I chose my service because it works really well where I am most of the time. Every company has a variety of pricing/feature plans with some benefits and some downsides.

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    Cingular, hands-down. And I'm not only saying that because I work for them. I've had them for 6 years, and it keeps getting better.

    Top Reasons:

    1. Rollover minutes.

    2. Fewest dropped calls, which is so true. I live in the NY area and only get an average of about 5 dropped calls in a month, tops. 5 bars practically everywhere I go ever since they merged with AT&T.

    3. The best phones. Who came out with the Razr first? Cingular. The slvr? We have close to 20 models coming out in the 2nd half of 2006 alone. And if you don't like your phone? 30 day trial return period. Unlike Verizon and T-Mobile, who give you 10 days and 14 days.

    4. GREAT for people who love to have the latest phone or who like to switch their phone alot. If you're not eligible for an upgrade, we don't say "well, too bad." We work with you until you get a phone at a good price, and the phone you want. Verizon won't even talk to you if you're not eligible for an upgrade. If you hate your phone, they make you buy it at the full price, which is like $300-500. But Cingular reduces the prices of phones and does exception upgrades even when you're not eligible for an upgrade.

    5. No such thing as long distance charges or roaming charges unless you leave the US or call outside the US. Ever. This is perfect for business customers, and if you have relatives in other parts of the country.

    6. Cingular gives discounts from your employer. So if you're in the military, work for IBM, Direct TV, Wells Fargo, anything.....even Walmart, Rite Aid, Loews AMC, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Blockbuster, and even if you're a COLLEGE student, a teacher.....even with your local government or police station......pretty much anything you can think of.....

    And Cingular takes off a percentage of your bill every month, AND you get extra discounts on phones and accessories.

    7. We have the Nextel "beep-beep"......It's called Push to Talk, and you can talk to not only one person via WalkieTalkie, but up to 20 all at once. AND only 1 number, not your phone number and then a number that looks like this 6%$873*31$@8 for a WalkieTalkie conversation.

    8. If you like Verizon's vcast, we have a large majority of our phones that are mp3 compatible. In fact, most of the phones coming out this year have mp3 capability and some even have AM/FM radio. You don;t have to pay for songs, like with Verizon.

    9. Because it feels so good to have your friends ask to use your phone because they don't have signal. And you're there sayig, "Oh wait! What's this? I have 5 bars, and you have 2, no wait, that's 2...wait! Oh well, here's my phone, just switch over, man.....Cingular effin rules...."

    Source(s): I'm a Cingular Customer Service Rep and Cingular rules.....
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    Cingular is hands down the best service and it has been proven, and verizon is a very close second. And for the love of god please don't choose t-mobile, it is the worst service you could ever get.

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    Do NOT go with Cingular, they're very bad with service. I have T-Mobile, and I think they're good because you can get a lot of minutes, and they have nice offers, too.

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    the cheapest will be tmobile. the most coverage mainly outside the cities will be verizon . It depends on your needs... Are you always within the invisible wall of your city. if the answer is yes ., go for t mobile. Now if you travel beyond the invisible walls of your city, go verizon and feed the wallet $$$.

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    Cingular- rollover minutes

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    U.S. Cellular, I have 2 cell phones from them and it runs about $70 a month. My house phone was about $100 a month. Needless to say, I no longer have my home phone!

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    According to an indie industry mag - verizon has the best national coverage. Can you beer me now?

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