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Are you afraid for our next president because?

after George Bush, he's/she's going to have to clean up a lot of crap and it's going to be tough on whoever it is. Do you think we (and the rest of the world) can be patient enough to wait?? It's going to be a horrible job and everything isn't going to be fixed overnight. What do you think the next president can do that would make the rest of the world respect us again (in a short period of time)????

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    You need another Clinton (NO-one connected with the bush administration at all), he may have been controversial... but he had charisma and he got things done (and NEVER could be considered a murdering liar)!

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    Well, Clinton was able to clean up after Dubya's Daddy. Granted, Daddy didn't make nearly as big of a mess, but it is possible. We just need an excellent leader with a brain and a spine: not some puppet for the vice president...

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    Why should one be afraid one way or the other? I have seen six Presidents in my life time and they have all done the same thing. While they are running they promise you everything, when they get in: well see for yourself. This goes for all of those you run for office, not just the President. You would think that we would have learn by now. Oh well! Go figure

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    I don't think we'll get all that respect back in a short period of time, it's going to take decades probably before any administration will be trusted again at the White House, especially by Arab countries.

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    well considering the current president dubya has the lowest approval rating in history, i think the next president will be a big step up. he/she will have to fix a lot of sh*t but it is necessary to make our country prosperous as well as a working country that everyone wont hate lol like it is already, i just hope history doesn't repeat itself ; ). But for sure they will be a lot better and i wont be afraid, people just need to wise up and listen.

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    I'm not afraid of the next President, per se. I'm afraid of the job (s)he'll have to do. I'm afraid for the sanity of the President.

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    Let me guess...Bush is also responsible for the North Korean Missile mess right?

    this even though Clinton sold them the technology that enabled to obtain the nuclear material for bombs...oh wait...he did get them to "promise" not to use it for that...hmmm....

    Its amazing how things like that get forgotten....

  • personally i think almost ne 1 will be a better president then george bush

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    I'm hoping the next president will have at least half of a brain!

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    Yes. It will be at least a few terms before stability is restored.

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