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How do I get rich?

I don't mean get rich quick or anything. But i definetly want to have a descent amount of wealth within the next 5 - 10 years. At least have my own place and what not. I just graduated high school and am going to attend Bunker Hill Community College next year. I will be studying network administration there. If I do well then I can go to Boston University. I want to get dough. How should I do it? Investments, inventions, manual labor?

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    Just by you asking this question, demonstrates that you do not possess the mental fortitude required to do it.

    First of all, stop asking other people how to do it. If any one of us has gotten to the point of where we can call ourselves rich, believe me, we would not have much time to be telling others how to do it. Unless of course, that is your business, and you are getting richer by telling others how you acheived your success.

    You need to concentrate on something that you can do better than anyone else, or something that you want to be able to do. Learn all the ins and outs of that business, and it takes time and hard work on your part. Nobody can tell you how to be rich, because most new ventures fail in the first year of operation. You must pay your dues unless you were born into a rich family, and even they have to do something to make their own name for themselves. I am a teacher, and I know I'll probably never attain an extremely high level of wealth, but after doing it for 20 years, I'm comfortable, and I can pay my bills. Sure I want more, we all do! So I made an invention, I write poetry, I draw, I play the flute, and I sing. These are my God given talents that I rely on to get through life.I am also getting my Master's in Computer Technology, You too, must look to your own true talent to be successful. Stop looking to others for that answer. You already possess that answer. Everyone is born with something that they can do better than anyone else. That's why it's our life's goal to find out what it is. Some find it faster than others, but some spend an entire lifetime looking for it, because they, like you, are looking for someone else for an answer that is already within you.

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    Real estate is a great way to go, and I'm not talking about becoming a real estate agent (unless you actually invest in properties rather than just selling them). You can start out by becoming a "bird dog" for an active investor, who will pay you a finder's fee for deals you find that he or she invests in(the amount will vary depending on the size and profitability of the deal, but $1000-2000 is common), and learn what you can from him or her until you raise the capital and gain the know-how to make your own real estate investments. Go to real estate investors association meetings and meet people - you'll find someone with whom you can develop a mutually beneficial relationship. I'm assuming you don't have much capital since you're a recent high school grad, so this would be an easier way than plunking down several grand on a good real estate investor course. Once you start earning money from this, continue to educate yourself by going to seminars, listening to audios, etc.

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    I think the fact that you are asking for help from someone who has more info that you shows great leadership potential. I belong to a business who teaches people how to create wealth on the internet doing something that every person does everyday. It takes some work but can be done while going to school and certainly be achieved in 5-10 years. Anybody who has the desire to learn will do well. I'm lucky to be working with leaders in my business and we are expanding and looking for people who are serious. I wish someone would have given me this opportunity when I was 18!!

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    OK,here it is the most powerful way to get rich is selling software since you are in the IT field ,I'm looking for a way to do it too,contact me you never know.

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    writte a book called.... How to Get Rich? and thousands of dumbs like us will buy it....

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    get off the computer and go find a job smart one.

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    make ur brain work and and u will gain money and be rich ( i think u will understand me )

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    hmm well there are many ways to get rich

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