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How do I remove a dent from the front bumper of my new 2007 Toyota Camry??

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    A panel beater expert and they will do an exact paint match and only cost about £300. This is what it cost me to get a 2 foot nasty bump/scrape from a boulard

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    2007 Toyota Camry Front Bumper

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    I work in a body shop and from experience I can tell you that you can almost never get the dent out of a plastic bumpe with reworking the plastic and then repainting the bumper. More than likely you have the dent in curve where the bumper turns to the fender and if that is the case it, you will need to get it in the shop to have it fix properly. If you are just wanting to get it where is not so noticable, you can heat it up like the guy mention before but becareful because you can melt the paint. If you try his method of heat be sure that once you get it pushed out and whils its still warm put a wet rag in the area of the dent to cool it and it will lock the bumper in place.

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    there is a way its kind of hard but i'll tell you.

    1. remove the cover under the bumper so that you can touch the back of the dent.

    2. get a thick, long metal object that you can touch the back of the dent with.

    (you getting all this)

    3. get a blow dryer and turn it on high heat.

    4. heat the dent from the outside (front of the dent) for a minute.

    5. start pressing the dent from the back, while still heating with the blowdryer.

    this might work i used this in my auto body class in high school on a teachers mustang so i would try it if you are brave.


    email me tell me if it works

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    2007 Toyota Corolla Front Bumper

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    It would seem that you'd need to tell us just how big of a dent it is you're talking about and how it got there. My hunch is that the dealer might help you, but then, knowing dealers, maybe not. Body shops aren't going to give you any "special deal" just because it's a 2007 anything, so, maybe just go to each and see what they charge. If you have to have a part replaced, the body shop is going to have to go through a dealer to get it, being as your car is so new, so I'd just go to the dealer, looked sad and upset about how bad your brand new car is with the dent, and maybe, just maybe, they'll give you some kind of discount on the deal. No promises. Just a thought. Good luck. God Bless you.

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    Well, automotive body work is always tricky. I would never recommend using bondo. I think the best way is to ask local body repair shops how much it would cost to have it repaired. Asking around is the best way to get a good deal. However, if it's on the bumper sometimes it's less expensive to buy a new one. Many bumpers are made of plastic or another strong material that is flexible to help reduce damage on low impact collisions.

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    take ur bumper off the car, get a blow drier, some water, pour some over the dent, heat it up until it softens, then use a rubber hammer or something to gently rub it back.

    remember to water it, and dun overheat it.

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    If the bumper is metal, have a mechanic remove it and bang it out from behind, if possible.

    If its not metal, I don't think there is anything to do but replace it.

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